Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wall Space Urgently Needed

The Diamond Jubilee is here, I am stitching as fast as I can and now I am going to need more wall space to display my treasures. That air con. is taking up space-this summer hasn't been very hot!! but no I'd better keep it. Charlotte and Emily sometimes need it on.

Do I really need double doors leading into the Diana room? No, I have a builder coming to give me a quote to build a wall so there will only be 1 door into that room.

I think I have a new space for all flags and posters.

Son D is taking this hall stand but if he changes his mind I might cut the top off to release the space behind it. I have a bit of a reputation for turning bits of furniture into something else.

Look at all this wasted space. Flags and posters can go here. I will need a tall ladder and someone on standby to dial 000 when I fall off.

The door that Charlotte is walking through was a window a few years ago and now I have 5 doors to the outside. So you can see I do like to change things a bit but I would never have a wall knocked down. I am looking around to see if there is space to build a wall.

Any suggestions welcome.


  1. Hmmm... while I can understand the temptation of putting stuff on the ceiling, I think it best not to be standing on ladders and hammering. Ha!

    Perhaps you need 'swinging walls' like they have at home improvement stores. You know, so you can see all the samples of flooring? You 'flip' the tiles kind of like a big book. Only you would have 'wall' space.

    Well... that's the best I can think of for now, short of buying a bigger house! LOL!

    Good luck!
    xo Catherine

  2. What about hanging posters and flags on doors?

  3. I think I remember that you have ladder issues so perhaps you should stay off them. I like Catherine's idea of a 'flip' wall. That would give you variety of what you display as well.

    Unless perhaps you build a whole new empty room with bare walls!

  4. OMG! I thought I had a lot of stuff! Well, I do, but I also have a husband who would go NUTS if I covered all the walls in our house with my embroidered linens, so I have to make do with one room and a few framed items dotted around the house elsewhere. Now if I lived on my own...no, don't want to go there!
    If I won the Lotto, I would buy us both a warehouse (one for you, one for me) where we could put our collections on permanent display. Dream on Gina; you're wasting valuable space on Sylvia's blog.

  5. Stay off the ladder. Apart from that I can't think of any suggestions. Maybe it is time to cull the collection. Not permanently - just put somethings away while others are on display. Will keep you busy deciding what to display!

  6. Oh yes I can see it, you have a lot of stuff !So you NEED more space !
    Maybe you can use a large triple Paravent to hang on some embroideries ore pictures. Also this is possible to move where you need or want it.

    Be careful on the ladder :)

    ♥ hugs

  7. Yes, you would need some walls more. No space in your garden ? Fortunately my cat collection doesn't hang on the wall, but are in a vitrine and all over the house, with more than 450 cats I also run out of space, lol !
    I saw the Princess Cathrine on TV yesterday, visiting alone (for the first time) a children center and she even revealed the name of their new puppy to my shame I just have forgotten, lol ! She is great in her new "job" !