Thursday, August 9, 2012

EdwardVII Embroidered Coronation Sampler

 EdwardVII and Alexandra were crowned 110years ago today 9th August. Edward's Coronation was all set for 26th June when he became ill and was operated on for appendicitis. The coronation went ahead on 9th August but a lot of souvenirs were sold with the original date. Now I am lucky enough to have this sampler with the right date embroidered. Today is also my birthday, nice of Edward to choose my special day for his Coronation, wish I could have been there. But if I was in London in 1902 I would not have been in London in 2012!!
 Hard to show the sampler in one piece because it is very wide. The embroidery is expertly worked. It might have been stitched from an iron on transfer though I can't  see any sign of such a transfer.
 Five panels in total and here are no's 3 and 4. Although the top states' ye goode childes sampler 1902' I think the stitching a bit too fine to be worked by a child. There is a name on the back edge of the sampler but I have yet to decipher it.
 On the last panel we have the magic date 9th August 1902. It's my birthday and I'm excited. This rare sampler is now the oldest one in my collection. Any earlier sampler would be Queen Victoria and I don't think I'll ever find one of those.
 Here is a wall plate with the wrong date 26th June.
 A teapot with the wrong date. Other souvenirs I have for Edward and Alexandra only have the year 1902 so they were playing it safe.
 This little WH Goss miniature shows the Coat of Arms of EdwardVII. It's one of my birthday gifts and on the base it reads Model of the Pilgrim 'leather bottell' in Canterbury Museum. I have some Goss miniatures for GeorgeV but this is the first one for Edward.
Remember my last post when I wrote about hundreds of motor bikes going through the town. I wasn't exaggerating.
This is the article which was in the paper next morning, so now we all know what it was about.


  1. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely birthday, your presents look good. The 1902 Coronation is beautiful. Hard to believe it is 110 years old, it looks more modern and well preserved too.

    Have fun and enjoy your birthday.
    Susan xo

  2. A very happy birthday to you and all the best !
    What a chance to get this sampler. When I saw the crowns now on Monday, his coronation picture was certainly there. I was so surprised of the various sizes of the crowns. Some kings had a very big head others rather very small (hope the brain had enough space !)

  3. Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Wonderful to have something so old and rare in your collection (and I do mean the sampler).
    Fingers crossed that one day you find that elusive Victorian sampler.

  4. Happy birthday, Sylvia! You sure have a lot to celebrate with that sensational sampler. This time last year you wrote a post about a lady called Janet who had one of the biggest Royalty collections in the world, and how she was closing her doors. As far as I know, you haven't mentioned her again; what happened to her collection?
    I may have a surprise for you on September 1st. The girls at Bundoora decided not to include my unworked items in the exhibition (fair enough too, they would be of limited interest to most people I guess), and there are a couple of old royalty pieces that I will bring along with me to show you. If you haven't got them, you can take them home because I am really trying to cull my collection by passing some on to those who have particular interests, such as you. I've given a couple of my unworked aprons to one of my Guild colleagues who also collects aprons but unlike me, she actually FINISHES them, lol!
    Better in her hands than mine.-

  5. DARN IT! An apron came into view on your little slide show while I was waffling on, and I wanted to have a closer look. Now it's gone!

  6. Happy Birthday, Sylvia! And I really like that white fur robe in the sampler.

  7. I can't believe all that detail in those stitches ~ fantastic!
    xo Catherine

  8. Happy Birthday and may you have many, many healthy happy birthdays to come.
    Absolutely lovely embroideries!

    Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words. We love you. Hope you love the music as much as Cinders did. Purrs!