Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sydney Welcomes Olympic Athletes

Sydney put on a great parade on Monday to welcome home the Olympic athletes. The weather was perfect, a warm sunny winter day. I'm not much interesterd in sport though I did enjoy the opening ceromony but I love parades and I was there for a special reason.
While waiting for the Olympians to come we were entertained by people in blue wigs? Blue wigs were also given to the waiting crowds.
DaughterS was lucky enough to catch one and models it here. I did tell her she looks a sort of cross between Marge Simpson and Ronald McDonald. I refused to wear mine.
One of the athletes proudly showing his gold medal. To my shame I don't know who he is. Will update this post when I know his name.
Police were on duty for crowd control, suitably labelled so they weren't mistaken for athletes.
Here is the real reason I was there. My GRANDSON was in the parade, here he is leading some of the athletes. His highschool drama class was chosen and they wore white shirts and were able to get lots of athlete autographs on their shirts after the parade. I cheered and waved so much you'd have thought he won a medal. I was able to restrain myself from rushing out for a cuddle but I did tell the Chinese tourists standing next to me that my grandson was there. They waved and cheered for him too.
AND the QUEEN was there with 2 of her Corgis and some Guardsmen. She looked amazing after her jump from the helicopter for the games opening ceromony. More waving cheering etc. etc. A bit disapointed grandson didn't get her autograph on his shirt but at least I saw her and I love those corgis. I want a corgi!!!
One of the athletes managed to smuggle a London bus back to Sydney in his luggage. Hope I can have a ride some time.
Last in the parade was this colourful float reminding us we can look forward to the games in Rio in 4 years time.


  1. WooHoo! Love a parade. Nice of the Queen to participate with corgis and a lovely London bus.

  2. How fun to watch your grandson in the parade! Looks like a good one!
    xo Catherine

  3. Watching parades is fun and even more so if your grandson participated!

  4. Wow ! what a parade and what a fun for your grandson ! and even the Queen was there, lol ! Great ! I don't think your cats would agree to live with corgies !

  5. So glad they labelled the police. I am sure your grandson enjoyed the parade; keep that T-shirt, a wonderful souvenir.