Thursday, October 4, 2012

Local Views for a Change from Royals

The sign as you come into my suburb. I live on the left side of the sign but a bit further around the Lake.
 The lake is deep in some parts and shallow in others. This digger was out the front of my place but further over a few weeks ago trying to keep the channel clear for boats. Then it got bogged and started to sink. Pictures of the poor digger were on the news and as you can see, in the newspaper.
 The digger back again, this time safely on a barge. I took the photos from my verandah.
 The bridge across the Lake shown in the first photo. I live on the north side but almost everything I do involves crossing the bridge to the south side. The speed limit on the bridge is 70klm. per hour. I am a good and careful driver but the length and straightness of this bridge somehow causes me to turn into leadfoot granny and speed over at 80klm. hour.
 A new fishing platform is being built, perhaps to stop fishermen getting their feet wet? Schoolchildren now choose fishing as a sport. Last year my grandson chose surfing for his sport. In my day.........let's not go there, I think summer sport was tennis or tennis. I hate tennis. I should also mention I hate fishing and buy my fish from the supermarket freezer section or open a tin of salmon.
 The local Bowling club. No I don't go bowling either but I do like nice views.
A couple of local shops, I could walk to these but my car has a life of its own and loves to race over the bridge.


  1. A very interesting area. Must be lovely living beside a lake; seems to be plenty of activity going on even if you don't fish. My favourite school sport was thinking of ways to get out of doing sport.

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  3. Good to see that they rescued the digger. :)

  4. as I am not curious at all, I looked on Google Map where you hide and then on Street Map and I just crossed the Bridge "Windang Road" ! Did you see me ?? You are lucky to live with Palm trees and so close to the water !

  5. Love the water shots. Living where I live we have a lack of lakes. Wish I lived by the ocean!
    xo Catherine

  6. We love the pictures!! And your blog is so cute!! purrrs