Monday, October 29, 2012

Carrying on with Emily's Help

Emily would like everyone in blogland to know that I am not keeping calm but I am carrying on, A LOT.
I am having serious computer problems, every time I try to send an email, my computer shuts downs. When I look at some of my favourite blogs the pics won't load. I am waiting for a family member to visit and sort me out. I know I spend lots on my collection but then I am too mean to pay to have my computer fixed so the pressure is on my family. Meanwhile I will carry on and on and on etc.

Last week my local op shop had a 50% off day. I bought this clock, not 50% off as it was new but a bargain anyway and I love it.

I can't beleive this!! I had a very nice pic of my new London bedding bought on special Spotlight last week but that pic has gone. All I have to show is Emily dissapearing under my new doona cover because she has had ENOUGH of me.
The cover shows the no.9 bus, my favourite as that is the one I caught to The Royal Albert Hall last June for the Diamond Jubilee concert staring Russell Watson.
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And here is the very bus I was on with the Albert Hall in the background. Well blogger is only allowing me 4 pics, the others must be in cyber space somewhere so I will keep this post a bit short and go and do more carrying on and on and on etc. etc.Add caption


  1. Computer problems are always so frustrating! I hope it's something simple and can be fixed easily! Good luck!
    xo Catherine

  2. I hope you get your computer sorted out. I love your new clock...just perfect:)

  3. Emily is so cute :-)
    Sorry to hear about your computer problems, Sylvia, hope someone can fix it !
    Nice week,