Friday, February 8, 2013

18th Birthday for Charlotte and Emily my Birmans

 My beautiful girls are 18 years old today and they are just as pretty and active as ever. I removed the glass top from my display table so Charlotte could choose some royal jewellery to wear but she decided nothing was good enough for her on her birthday.
 Emily loves shoes so when I came home and kicked off my sandals she said she would take care of them.
Still looking good at eighteen Emily.
 It's tiring being birthday girls at eighteen.
 Both girls needed a rest.
 I wanted a photo of my girls together, this is the most I could manage. I think I heard them whisper HAPPY   BIRTHDAY as they passed each other.
I have the paperwork to prove their age, had to check it myself as they look so good. This certificate also shows their parents and grandparents.
 They received cards and had a cake, unfortunately they wouldn't wake up to party at the same time so I had to blow out the candles.
                             ' Night Night Emily, sleep tight
                              Don't let the bed bugs bite.'


  1. Happy 18th Birthday Charlotte and Emily! You both look very young and glamorous. Enjoy your special day.

  2. A very happy birthday to the "old" girls ! they really look like young ladies ! All my cats reached 19 or 20 years ! My former neighbor had two cats of 25 !!

  3. Happy Birthday to Charlotte and Emily! You're beautiful both inside and out, and I hope you have many more wonderful years!

  4. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily. It looks as if you had lovely birthday, even had your servant blow out the candles on the cake.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily! Oh you girls look fabulous and not a day over 12. ;)
    Hope you girls have a fantastic weekend too.
    Keep sweet!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  6. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily!!! You look Fabulous:)

  7. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily, and many more happy healthy years to come! Purrs!

  8. Awwww they are so cute! And so well preserved for 18 year old kitties. Not too many human kitties of their age look that good. 126 years old, right!

  9. Oh, I almost missed this ... belated Happy Birthday to Charlotte and Emily !
    They both look great and so cute !
    Happy Valentine's tomorrow :-)

  10. Wow!
    You birthday girls look amazing =)
    Purrs and head nudges to you.

  11. Happy belated birthday to your kitties!

  12. Hello Darling,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my cottage and for your sweet comment. Life, health-wise has not been very kind to me, however, I am doing much better now. I am hoping to be able to post as regularly as possible...fingers crossed.

    Take care, 'til we talk again