Thursday, February 21, 2013

Half Price Day at the OP Shop

Half price day!!! Well I had to be there and I bought this bed base and look at that storage!! Charlotte approves, she is thinking of moving in. This is a spare bed and I tossed out the cheap bed I had there .
 Same bed now made up with pretty OP shop linen. Looks a bit plain, I think it needs some cats or bears....soon solved.
 And I bought this pretty lounge. In good condition it looks much better than my old one and the cushions look better too.
 The poor old lounge. It's had a good life, bought many years ago and recovered twice I fell out of love with it years ago but my cats have always loved it. Now it is waiting for a trip to the tip.
 Charlotte and Emily have been demanding a new lounge for weeks. They've finished with this one.
Yes, Op shop shoes but these are brand new Hush Puppies. Normally sold for well over $100 I bought these for $25 a pair. They are salesman samples and as salesmen always show the smallest size, in this case size 6 (=4 UK or 37) which is just my size-lucky me- they are then donated to an OP shop. The two in front are the same but one pair is black and the other light navy. I also have red sandals I forgot to include. Yes I do have 2 feet I'm only showing one of each pair. There were other shoes I had to leave as a bit unsuitable with very high heels I might have fallen off.


  1. What a great op shop haul. Storage under the bed, yeah - what a good score. Unless Charlotte has already got plans.

    Very smart shoes. Not like that old lounge, looks like the girls gave it a dreadlock makeover!

  2. Great finds! Lucky you being size 6. :-) I wonder how long it will take the girls to add personal touches to the new lounge?

  3. What a great days shopping.

  4. The underbed storage would be a real mansion for Emily ! So why did you cover it up ? Poor thing ! And then how nice of you to buy a new sofa for them ! They did a wonderful job on the old one ! Real artists ! Looks like modern Art.
    The shoes must be very comfortable. I am always happy when I make good bargains. Buying expensive is too easy !

  5. Replies
    1. An OP shop is an opportunity or charity shop. My favourite and the one I bought all these bargains from is run by the Salvation Army. Another favourite is run by St Vincent de Paul Soc. Most goods are donated and 2nd hand. I often donate goods then buy other peoples donations. It's fun and I admit I'm a bit of an op shop addict. Sylvia

  6. Gosh ~ you got some great bargains!! I do love a good deal. Excellent!
    xo Catherine