Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get Well Soon Misty and Market Day

 Please send Get Well wishes to Misty, she is a neighbour and friend of Charlotte and Emily. Misty had a hip replacement last week and is doing very well. Too much jumping around as a puppy and being a bit overweight caused hip problems. Misty recently celebrated her 8th birthday She is such a beautiful and friendly dog and I hope will soon be running along the beach again with  her doggy friends.
 Misty doesn't like that collar much but she is being very brave about it and the collar will be removed soon.
 No I won't go and visit Misty and take grapes, I've just settled in the washing basket for a sleep.
AND I sent her a card, that's enough.
 I don't want to visit Misty either, she might bark at me. I signed the card too and anyway I need a sleep.
 My only market bargain yesterday, I hate to go home without a bargain so I was happy with the tray.
 I thought it was against the rules or law to sell puppies or kittens at the market. So when two police spotted Staffy puppies for sale what happened? They rushed over to admire and pat the pups and say how cute they are. I wanted them to rescue the poor pups and drag the sellers off to prison forever. Didn't happen.
Then the police strolled off to look for bargains like the rest of us. Was it their tea break? My cardigan man wasn't there. Was he arrested for selling cardigans that 'fell off the back of a truck'?


  1. Poor Misty. Sending her get well wishes. Hugs, Deb

  2. We are sending lots of get well soon purrs to Misty!

  3. We'll send Lots of healing purrs and woofs to poor Misty.

    Also I Don' t like it if they sell puppies on those markets. So many people only buy them because they are cute and don't think that they grow fast .

    Happy sunday


  4. Best wishes to Misty for a speedy recovery.

  5. Poor Misty, but with a new hip she will hop around very soon ! That's a strange behavior of these policemen ! Here they might close the eyes over cigarettes, but when it comes to puppies or kittens they don't close them ! I think they would have the whole market in their neck !
    I saw today Prince Charles showing his farm for the "Country file" show. When I saw this I thought Diana and he really had nothing in common ! No wonder that they were so unhappy together !

  6. Wise choice Emily and Charlotte to send a Get Well card to Misty but stay safely away. That collar may not be protection enough. Get well soon anyway Misty.

    Nice Charles and Di tray. In some places they will always be together. Must drive Camilla mad.

  7. We used to have that exact same tray at my mom's house when I was younger! I wonder where it is? I will have to ask her.

    Glad your neighbour pup is doing well.

    Hope you and the ladies have a terrific week!

    xo Catherine