Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Bargains To Boast and Bore

 A good day at the local markets yesterday. Charlotte loves her new bed. I supplied the cushion and sheet and she moved right in for a sleep.
 Emily refuses to try any new bed and is now spending her old age sleeping in my bed.
 I love anything Laurel Burch and these fabrics came from America. I bought a yard of each (America sells by yards and inches) and they are 42" wide. Not sure what I will do with them, they will go in my fabric stash for now. Haven't been able to find these fabrics in Australia but I'm sure it would be less expensive to buy from America.
 Yes!!! Another Laurel Burch bag, this one from the U.K, love the colour. Yes!!! Another pair of new Hush Puppies from the OP shop. Sadly I can't keep a secret and now friends and friends of friends etc. are saying "oh but I take a 6, I must go and look" so this might be my last pair.
 A cardigan bought at the Sat. market, a bit grannyish but that's OK I'm a granny. This one was $10 and it's Damart brand. Normally about $60 and this one brand new with tags. The seller had more stock. Did the stock fall off the back of a truck???? I asked no questions.
At Last, I have my pens again. These are Charles and Diana Wedding souvenirs from 1981. I had a set in 1981 but used and lost them. These came from ebay at a price I could pay, the pens come up for sale now and then but usually go for a high price.


  1. You are an expert shopper and/or you have wonderful markets in your district. Be careful of the handles on the bag!

  2. Gosh you got some terrific finds! And of course the girls look as sweet as ever. :)
    Wishing all of you a most happy week!
    xo Catherine

  3. Great buys! Love both kitties of course, but I just adore that photo of Emily all curled up into a neat furry ball! Mmmmm, just want to run my fingers through that fluff :-)
    Did you buy that Laurel Burch fabric at the market, or through the net? I wasn't quite clear about that as you slotted it in between the comments on your market buys. I'd love to get some for my own stash - can you point me in the right direction please Sylvia??

  4. Me again, I googled it and found some on ebay in Australia, but only fat quarters. Would still be keen to know your source to buy by the yard.

  5. It seems that you came with a full wallet and left with an empty one the arms loaded ! The new cat bed is gorgeous especially with it's content ! I absolutely love this bag !! If ever I find one during my round trip through the UK, I buy it even if I go bankrupt !!

  6. Looks like a good shopping haul. Emily is trying out her cat pompom pose.

  7. Lovely fluffy cats! (The name is Louisa, by the way.)