Monday, April 29, 2013

Kate and William Second Anniversary

 Kate and William's 2nd wedding anniversary today and I almost forgot. How could I? I've rushed around and put a few photos together. First, the balcony scene. I was there and lucky enough to be near the front. The royals on the balcony are looking up at the fly past. A never to be forgotten day.
 I gathered together a few souvenirs I don't think I've shown before. Two jigsaw puzzles. Display only, I have no patience with puzzles so will never do them. Two souvenir tins that once held very nice shortbread biscuits. A small calendar on the left and a sticker book behind the jigsaw on the left. I should have bought 2 sticker books, one to play with and one to keep.
 A plate, one of many sold in London at the time.
Mini cup and saucer bought on ebay.
I am so proud of my cross stitch so it deserves another showing.
Happy Anniversary William and Catherine. I am looking forward to the new baby and more souvenirs to collect and cross stitch to be worked.
PS. I haven't finished the wedding cross stitch yet. So many royal events, so little time.


  1. Two years already. How lovely to remember when you were there for the wedding.

  2. It's hard to believe it's been two years already. They are a sweet couple and I wish them many many more happy years!
    xo Catherine

  3. Do you have space for royal baby souvenirs? Love the mini cup and saucer.

  4. Yes, and now they will have a baby ! Everything went smooth, at least he got the chance to marry the woman he loves !
    Today I was watching the coronation of the new King in Holland ! He too has married a wonderful woman, she is from Argentinia and more loved by the population than the now King ! Charles and Camilla were there too and I took pictures on the TV.

  5. My you are a big fan. I hope you get a photo of them with you one day

  6. Your cross stitch is just perfect!
    Did you make the pattern yourself?
    Mom says you are very talented.

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