Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Aprons and Bothy Threads

 Newest apron for my collection shows a very elegant lady standing in front of a smart car. This was a purchase from an Etsy shop and is my new favourite. the lady's suit is filled in with very tiny stitches all hand done. The apron has never been worn, another one finished then packed away for 50 or 60 years. I would love to find the stories behind these aprons. I know some were made to enter country show competitons and display a talent and perhaps win a prize
Another Ebay purchase, this one was described a a child's apron but when I received I saw it is a full adult size. All the embroidery is finished it just needs lace or bias binding round the edge. The apron has been folded and stored for years. The pocket was folded with it and I will sew that on so it will never be lost.
A very unusual apron for my collection.
 Another recent purchase with the dress all filled with tiny stitches. Very pretty and different.
 A pretty apron with a party girl. The stitcher must be a bit like me-took the easy way and didn't fill in the dress with stitches.
 Now to my Bothy Threads. I've finished all the cross stitches and now I've started the backstitch, french knots and a few beads to be added.It's now confession time. I CAN"T DO FRENCH KNOTS. I've had private french knot lessons, been to french knot classes, been to french knot boot camp and read french knots for Dummies and I have given up. French knots on this sampler are mostly the eyes so I just do a few over stitches and look some have their eyes already. No complaints then. For the dot above the letter i I might use a small bead.
 The rest of the Kings and Queens waiting to be finished. I need a few more weeks yet before completion day.
 Question? Does 4 swans make a collection?. I love swans and can't resist buying one now and then. Three of them are early Australian lustre ware and the green one at the back is plastic. I could look out at the lake and see plenty of black swans but I like these coloured ones.
 I even have a swan apron in my collection with a lady wearing a very pretty dress and hat feeding the swan.
It is illegal to feed seabirds here but I won't tell apron lady and spoil her day.

Charlotte just woke up from one of her long naps and insisted on being in the last pic. Just in time Charlotte, I'm all finished.


  1. Such cute aprons ! I hope you don't wear them ! and you were so busy with stitching ! What a patience you have !

  2. Your aprons are lovely. I did'nt realized that you have an apron collection.

    Love your stichings. You are so buzy!
    Charlotte look good on the last photo!

  3. Ps: oh I still recognized on the motive of the childrens apron is from one of the favorite books our kids: die drei kleinen Schweinchen (three little piglets.)

  4. I think the first apron with the lady and the car is the same as one in my collection, and like you, it is one of my favourites. I haven't seen the others though - great finds! It took me ages to learn how to do French Knots too, so I can sympathise with you! It took just one person to show me the knack and I haven't looked back. Next time you are down here I'll show you (LOL).

  5. Gosh - so much detail and work has gone into those aprons. I especially like the first one. So pretty! I hope you and Miss Charlotte have a terrific weekend!
    xo Catherine

  6. So much energy has gone into these...I was once an embroiderer...called myself a stitchery artist and worked with yarns on large canvases. Alas, I wore out my fingers and now use a sewing machine to make aprons...simple aprons. Nothing like these!!

  7. Lovely aprons. My mum was called the apron lady as over the years she made 100's. She used to sell them at craft shows. All of them were one of a kind that she designed herself. I used to tell her that no one wears aprons anymore and every time she'd sell the lot...LOL

  8. Heehee, Charlotte's letting us know of one more use for those lovely aprons! Purrs!

  9. Love the aprons. Beautiful work on the cross stich (even without the french knots - I'm not even sure what a french knot is!). Yes you do have a swan collection and very colourful it is too.

  10. Me again, Sylvia - just wanted to show you (on my blog) what I bought at the Aust.Quilt Convention last Saturday - Laurel Burch fabric! I didn't know anything about her, and when I googled her, I was shocked and saddened by her life history. It is incredible what some very special people can achieve when they rise above what life has dealt them, and produce such beautiful art.

  11. Goodness, you're a busy lady.

  12. Doesn't your cat knock bits of china off the tables? You are such a creative person - puts me to shame. I can't even sew a button on without needing to do it again the next month.

  13. Good afternoon
    Just calling in to say that the first apron is quite delicious - I am rather partial to nice embroidery myself and have one or two aprons
    Lovely collections you have
    Best wishes