Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Royal Stuff

 I think I have recovered from my rushed trip to London-and about time too.
Little Prince George is safely here and I approve the name and am now looking for suitable souvenirs with the name and date.
My bed is now looking even more royal with cushions and towels to match and even a matching cup and saucer for my morning coffee in bed.
My new laundry curtains, look closely and you will see matching peg bag, ironing board cover and apron which I've shown before. The curtain is made from a shower curtain. Next to the peg bag is a small bag that the shower curtain came in. The sun is making the colours look a bit different but believe me, they all match. I rarely iron anything so that ironing board cover should last a lifetime.
 My bathroom curtain and a tiny piece left over so I could frame a corgi.
 The paint was peeling off my bathroom basin doors. Solution, Coronation curtains-perfect. I made all three curtains from one shower curtain, part of Marks and Spencer Coronation Anniversary range. I think most of that range is sold out now but I have a matching beach towel on the way and I will use it as a tablecloth.
 A beautiful pure silk scarf I bought at the Highgrove shop at the Coronation Festival at the Palace. I also bought some ginger fudge from Highgrove but ate it before I remembered to take a photo. The scarf is carefully stitched onto calico which is padded underneath and placed on a board.
I very optimistically traveled to London with the small bag on the right. Then had to leave it behind and buy the large bag on the left to get all my purchases home.
Outside the hospital waiting for the arrival of the Royal baby. If that man hadn't taken over that bench I might have slept there myself while waiting.
 The back of Buckingham Palace at the Festival. I had hoped to sneak in an unlocked back door on the pretext of looking for a bathroom but had the feeling I was being watched.
Part of the Queen's back garden, beautiful and serene. I had a wonderful time at the Festival.


  1. You made good use of your time in London and have been busy since you came back. Your bed looks very regal. That man outside the hospital featured in a couple of newsbroadcasts. I wouldn't mind a backyard similar to the Queen's.

  2. Wow, you have certainly increased your collection on this last trip! Ever thought you may have to buy a bigger house?
    So you were in the crowd waiting for the baby's arrival too? I did wonder, and I had a look as the cameras panned over the crowds, but couldn't see you to wave to, lol!

  3. It sounds like you made the most of your trip to be sure! So many lovely things in your collect.
    Happy Friday!
    xo Catherine

  4. You must feel like a queen in your royal bed ! Indeed Arthur would fit perfectly in it ! It's funny that we have been at the same place with a week difference. Little George was born and got his name, while I was in Eastbourne, but on the souvenirs there was nothing written only "Welcome to the royal baby" !

  5. Hi Silvia .. you certainly love all things Royal - so pleased you had such a happy time ... and obviously did lots of collecting ...

    Great Royal home you have!! George is obviously doing well and no doubt in due we'll see him again ...

    Happy welcome to Spring in your corner of the world .. Hilary

  6. You travel like our human leaving with a small bag and coming home with a big bag full of souvenirs! Purrs! :)