Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Congratulations Kate And William

 I'm back and suffering my usual jet lag and so disappointed that Kate and William waited till I arrived home to have the baby but pleased my prediction of a boy proved right. Congratulations to the happy couple, well done. And look who came home with me! Yes H.R.H herself. She said all this baby talk was wearing her out and she was thrilled to accept the invite to stay for a while in my Royal Household. Charlotte was thrilled to see the Queen and will try not to leave cat hairs on the royal bed. The corgis did not come.
No bling for you Bling Bear but look who I got for you instead. A Man and it's Henry 8th no less. You can be wife#7. Can we now expect Baby Blings? Royal babies are in the news and you must follow the trend.
Apart from the Royal Baby non arrival I had a perfect week in London. More of that later and more souvenirs to show. This short post will do till all the bits of me that are scattered around the world meet up again.


  1. Welcome back home. And welcome to Australia Your Majesty, I do hope you get a little peace here away from all the paparazzi until it is time to go and visit the new future King.

    And welcome to Henry VIII, I hope Charlotte is a good host and shares the Royal bed with the visitors.

    Looking forward to all your parts catching up with you and hearing more Royal Visit tales.

  2. Welcome home. Henry VIII! You trust bling bear with Henry VIII? Glad you had a good time despite baby royal being unco-operative.
    Looking forward to hearing all the news.

  3. I'm glad you and HRH made it home safe and sound! Bling Bear best watch her head having Henry VIII as her new mate. :D

    I thought of you when I heard the new Prince was born. I wish the little family all the happiness and best in the world.

    xo Catherine

  4. Hi Sylvia .. so pleased you had a good time - many were waiting for Master HRH - I'd wanted a girl .. but when he was late arriving, someone said - oh he'll be a boy and he was!!

    Henry VIII looks pretty good enough to join your royal clan .. and Her Maj .. what fun she's joining you too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  5. So glad you had a great time in London, Sylvia !
    Bling Bear has a lovely new friend :-)
    Nice week,

  6. Welcome home and what a welcome the Queen in person, lol ! What a pity that you missed the birth ! Your Henri VIII looks so cute, the real one rather was ugly ! I see you bought some new royal things !

  7. You may like to know that I have produced a commemorative mini cushion design for the birth of our new Prince George Alexander Louis. It features William and Kate's Wedding date and the birth date of their new son too. It's available as a cross stitch kit or PDF chart and here is the link to my shop where they can be found: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SheenaRogersDesigns

  8. Hi Sylvia, welcome home! Like Catherine, I thought of you when young George (VII) made his appearance, and wondered if you were in the crowd waving your camera with the rest of them!

  9. Loving the Queen, can't wait to meet her one day :)

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