Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Sydney Harbour Adventure

 Daughter Susan and family left for a 2 week cruise on Sunday night and I had to be there to wave them off. I am at the Opera House side of the harbour so I could see their cabins which are 2 balcony cabins just above the lifeboats on the left. One cabin for Susan and partner and one cabin for my grandsons aged 16 and 21.
 The ship left from the Overseas Passenger Terminal as it was too large to fit under the bridge. This terminal has seen a lot of history over the years and a lot of tears as ships left for overseas destinations and arrived carrying migrants. I left from here in the 1970's for a 5 week voyage to the U.K and returned in the same ship 5 years later. Then it was possible to have farewell cabin parties and bands played and hundreds of streamers thrown as the ship left.
Starting to get dark now and I am waiting for my emotional farewell. No crowds, no streamers and no bands.
 The ship is starting to pull away and there is no one to wave to. The small group of strangers waiting with me are joining in my phone call to Susan telling her to come on deck and wave.
There she is, that small figure on the far right. I am madly waving my cat scarf and telling myself not to cry as they will be back in 2 weeks. The rest of the family along with all other passengers are already enjoying themselves too much to come and wave.
 The ship has to pull out then reverse and turn around.
 The ship has taken so long to reverse it is now dark. I'm still waving.
 Still waving, the ship has now turned around and is going past the Opera House
 Too dark now and too late for me to return home to the South Coast. A few weeks ago I booked myself a hotel room only 2 train stops from the harbour. I needed a room that was safe, inexpensive and clean.
I didn't pay for a view and the hotel was very nice. BUT this was the view from my window, a bit of a change from the beautiful views I had just left.
I am looking after Fred, my grandson's budgie while he is on the cruise. Here is Charlotte telling me she didn't touch Fred last time he was here and she really can't be bothered now.


  1. You should be happy for them ! A cruise is such a wonderful experience. We did one in 2005 through the Mediterranean Sea. What an experience it was really a floating town, with theatre and casino !

  2. OMG! That is one HUGE ship - it wasn't the QE2, was it? I don't know anything about modern ships at all, and the last thing I would want to do is go on a cruise in case I got sea sick for two weeks! Silly thing is that I love the old sailing ships, and will happily go on a cruise around Port Philip Bay for a couple of hours :-)

  3. Oh my stars that is one big boat! I hope you didn't have to look out your hotel room window too often. Haha!
    And here's hoping that Miss Charlotte stays board of Fred the budgie! LOL!
    xo Catherine

  4. Is Charlotte complaining that you spend too much time with Fred?
    Wow, that is a huge ship!

  5. Oh wow. Making a trip on such a ship must be like heaven. Lucky you. By the way, I'm a new follower through Bloglovin.

  6. wow, a boat trip! I think I would be scared with all that water! you are so brave. purrs, Rio from Barcelona

  7. wow, wonderfull ship and fotos, greeting from Belgium