Friday, January 17, 2014

Mostly Royal Stuff Again

 I was alerted to this eBay find by friend M from Craft Group. It was sold by the Salvation Army eBay site and came from Melbourne.
The doll on the left and all the hand knitted Coronation clothes are original from 1953. Even the chocolate box is a collectible item as James chocs. ceased production years ago. The left side doll came fully dressed and with a spare set including underwear of Cor. wear. The doll on the right came from a local Salvo's shop and is wearing the spare set of knitwear. Wonder if these were knitted from a pattern from 1953 or just a one off from a clever knitter.
 Always wanted a dressmaker's dummy for display and guess where I found this one at a bargain price? Salvation Army again. Now it is on permanent display wearing a Diamond Jubilee shirt and a skirt made from original Coronation 1953 fabric. I made the skirt very simply, elastic waist, only one seam at the back and a quick hem so the skirt can be taken apart and returned to a length of fabric if needed.
 Bought this little chair at the markets. I never can resist little projects like this.
 A coat of paint, red because I had some leftover from a doll house roof. Some leftover London fabric and now the chair is better than new. Not sure if I have space to keep it, might have to be a Salvo's donation.
 Prince George christening stamps are on sale. I bought some to keep and some to use.
Update on my Terse Gil Queen cross stitch. I admit I've been hopping about a bit and choosing easy bits to stitch. Now I've been forced to stitch with gold metallic thread. To make it a bit easier I am only using one strand of gold and I think I'll get away with this. (see far left). Also trying to keep control of the back of my work which I'll show when all is finished. The bunch of roses the Queen is holding was also a bit difficult but now I can see it is a bunch of roses.


  1. Wow love the pics, the doll is so cute :) You did a fantastic job on the chair it came up great

  2. I can see the roses too :) pretty

  3. The dolls are really cute, must have been quite a work to knit all these little clothing ! I didn't know that there are stamps now of little George ! I have to "go" to Australia to know it ! I have some chairs which would need new covers you are cordially invited !

  4. So many great finds! I love the little royal robe - cute!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  5. Love the dolls and their clothes. Always a little sad though to see such beautiful work put up for sale; should be cherised by the maker or her family. I am sure you can find space for one more chair especially as you can sit a royal 'model' on it, or Charlotte can sit on it as a model cat. Unfortunately for some mysterious reason I can't see the cross stitch but I am sure it is going well.

  6. Very cute dolls and such lovely knitting...done with love for some little girl:) I didn't know there were christening I must visit the post office and see if they have any.

  7. Isn't it great when friends alert you to things they see on eBay that you might be interested in?! Those dolls would have to be a one-off find. Love what you've done to the chair, and I like your idea of making the skirt so simple that it can be undone and used for something else if need be.
    It's a bit late for you now I think, but when using metallic thread in embroidery I was advised to use one thread of the metallic, and one thread of stranded cotton in a colour to match. It's a b----- to thread through the needle, but goes through the fabric a lot easier.

  8. Recycling the skirt when you want is a great idea. Looks like you've been busy.

  9. The dolls and the chairs are so cute! Purrs!

  10. I love what you did with that chair. So clever. I envy you your crafty skills.

    1. Thanks Fran, now if only I could have some of your clever writing skills.........

  11. Ah now I can see the cross stitch; looking good!

  12. Oh I love this dressmaker dummy dressed up !
    The vintage dolls and the clothes are cute. You are so lucky to get it!
    That chair turned out lovely !
    I think I would treasure These stamps but it also must be fun to receive a letter with it !
    I hope you have fun reading that book war brides. It is exciting and good to read.