Monday, December 30, 2013

Bye Christmas Welcome 2014

 I had a very nice Christmas and hope everyone else did too. Here I am telling Santa exactly what 's on my list. This wasn't taken last week, last year or even this century. Must have been last century sometime. I'm sure I got everything I wanted, I usually did. My mother made my dress and I am wearing a hand knitted cardigan but don't know who knitted it.
 Christmas day my family were here and Santa obligingly came past in his hovercraft. We all rushed out to wave and cheer but he didn't stop.
 Very tall grandsons cleaned some of my ceiling fans for me while they were visiting. Thank you grandsons.
Charlotte is the lump under the quilt on the left, she is not keen on too many visitors at once/
Went to the Boxing day sales, I think there is only one shop in Sydney that sell Royal items. I couldn't resist this Royal Doulton couple. They were reduced in price (well a little bit) so had to have them.
While I was in Sydney I took a short train journey out to the suburb I grew up in. It's changed a lot as there is a large Mosque nearby and it is now very multicultural which means the shops are much more interesting.
Pictured above is the old public toilets, closed for good now but the building look cared for. If Martin and Lucy from 'Homes Under the Hammer' UK saw it I'm sure the building would be auctioned off and turned into a desirable residence. Right at the station and shops. This has been done to closed public toilets in the UK so might happen here.
Just so I don't get too relaxed after Christmas this happened again. A bit like those old puzzles, spot the thing that doesn't belong. There was a battle and I won. Enough said.
          HAPPY 2014 to All


  1. Hello, Santa has changed with the times I see, driving by on a hovercraft. I like your hairstyle in the photo, it doesn't seem to have made a come back yet. Happy 2014, nice to start the New Year with clean ceiling fans!

  2. What a cute picture and the Santa at least looks more real ! The royal couple is beautiful ! What a nice Christmas gift you made to yourself ! Good idea to change the public toilet to a nice house, I would move in !

  3. Beautiful photo of you and Santa. Not sure I would want to live in a toilet block though there are some that have been turned into cafes. Happy to see you are still able to defeat those big spiders (harmless but just too big). All the best for the New Year.

  4. Happy 2014 to you and Charlotte (as dictated to me by SGB).
    Julie & Chris

  5. Ugh, I cannot imagine living or eating in a place that was once a public toilet block! Why don't they just reopen it...with so many more people living in Australia, we could do with more public toilets!
    Nice spider. We haven't had an eight legged visitor since the new roof was installed.

  6. What a sweet photo of you and Santa ~ fun!
    Oh that spider is back. GAAAAAK!
    Happy New Year!
    xo Catherine

  7. Hi Sylvia .. pity about Santa not stopping .. maybe the hover doesn't work when it's still?! Anyhow I love the dress your mother made - very pretty .. and what a great grandson .. tall tall tall! I expect the loo will be turned into something suitable sometime soon ... as you say they are here - very inventively ...

    Happy cleaning and now happy cleaned 2014 - enjoy the year ahead .. and the Doulton couple look exquisite .. cheers Hilary

  8. Yes, most things were handmade with much love during those days gone by. Love your dress and cardigan!