Thursday, February 27, 2014

Royal Commemorative Embroideries

 Lots of luck on eBay lately has allowed me to add some beautiful samplers and embroideries to my collection. This sampler celebrates the birth of Prince William in 1982. Love the colours and the stitcher's name has been added.
 A sampler to celebrate the marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip in 1947 with a verse by Patience Strong. I have the iron on transfer for this sampler but I would never have been able to stitch so expertly.
This sampler has the initials EVS stitch into the base.
PS. have just found our that this wedding sampler is a Royal School of Needlework design available to readers of Woman's Own Magazine.
 A Coronation calendar stitched for the Coronation of Edward VIII 1937, you can see his initials in May.
This sampler came badly water stained and for some reason I have been nervous about washing it. Some of my samplers are a bit rare and I'd hate to lose one in the wash.
 A tablecloth stitched for Edward VIII All those woman stitching for the new King and then he abdicated, Were they annoyed, did they sigh and then pick up their needles and start stitching for GeorgeVI ?
This tablecloth has had a lot of use and the cloth is a bit thin and even has a small darn in one corner.
 A sampler for the Silver Jubilee in 1935 of George V and Queen Mary. Very unusual and interesting with lots of themes from different countries and their children are also stitched in.
 The samplers above and below are in the same style of the Abdication sampler I have shown before.
A sampler for the Coronation of George VI and it is NOT mine But I want it and must have it somehow.
I found it when I was browsing Google images and now I can't find it again. I think someone in Wales has it. Elizabeth and Margaret are stitched. There must be more than one of these samplers in the world. If anyone sights one in any country please let me know. Blog followers, watchers, lurkers anyone at all please let me know if you spot this sampler.


  1. More beautiful items for your collections. I like it when the samplers or any embroidery work has a name included. Artists sign their paintings so why don't more sewers 'sign' their work. I think I would have been rather annoyed about the abdication but then maybe they realised their work would one day be a real historical curiosity and worth keeping. Good luck with your search.

  2. It's really amazing what treasures you find for your collection ! Poor Edward, today he would remain King but then we wouldn't have Elizabeth, if Wally had a child !

  3. I will keep my eye out!
    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Wonderfull emboiteries, best regard from Belgium

  5. You certainly have a keen eye to search out such lovely items! Purrs!

  6. You have an amazing house Sylvia, it was lovely to meet you last week, you made me and Val very welcome. Im so glad the treasures I brought you were not a duplicate, im happy they went to a good home. From Linda

    1. Thank you for coming Linda and Val and the donations to my collection are very much appreciated and are now on full display. I had a great afternoon and hope you will both come again. Sylvia

  7. Where did you get the porcelain bust/statuette that you have as your masthead photo? It's gorgeous. I would love to have one.