Friday, February 21, 2014

And The Stack Came Down

 Not sure if I should cheer or cry when the Port Kembla copper smelter stack came down. At almost 200 mtrs tall it could be seen for miles around and no one could be lost at land or sea if they could see the stack. It has not been in use for some years and there was hope that it could somehow be used as a tourist attraction.
I could see the stack from my house so sat outside for over 2 hours harldly daring to blink in case I missed the stacks last moments. There was a delay in the timing as 2 people refused to leave their house in the exclusion zone. Though all residents in the zone were entertained in a nearby club and I think there was a drop in centre for pets.
 When the stack was built 50 years ago Port Kembla steel works and copper smelter was in it's heyday and migrants from all over the world as well as locals found employment here. But things change
 Streets around were crowded as everyone wanted to take last photos of the iconic stack.
 All went to plan.
 No more stack. Police on horseback patrolling to make sure no one tried any last minute heroics to save the stack.
 There was a streaker of course. You can see him just to the right of the interviewer. His lack of pants covered by a black blob.
And a politician having his tweet.
Now the souvenir T shirts are on sale and I want one. There is also talk of pieces of the stack being sold as souvenirs. I think I have space in my home for a piece of dusty concrete.


  1. I would rather kept it and made a tourist attraction out of it. It has some history ! Collect as many pieces as you can and open a "souvenir" shop !

  2. All we seem able to do these days - knock things down; can't build/manufacture anything. Sad.

  3. A streaker??? How '70's'! Haha! Guess he just wanted to show off his 'assets' or something... *giggle*
    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Was the bloke without pants celebrating or protesting? Amazing to see big things safely demolished so close to other buildings.

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