Monday, March 24, 2014

Bargains Galore and A Crown Tea Cosy

 Have you ever come across a bargain you had to have? In this case shoes reduced from $125 to $5, never mind that they are 3 sizes too big for me or have heels 4inches too high for me to wear. I had to have them as I knew they'd be good for something. Now look and I haven't finished yet. I think they need something sparkly like glitter.
 The back of the shoes. The other shoe might be kept plain so I can see before and after.
The shoes are perfect with my Australia day dress. Now if only I was taller, slimmer, younger and with bigger feet! If the 2 men in Darwin who dared to wear this dress on Australia Day (see a previous post) want to borrow the matching shoes I might consider lending the shoes.
 A new Crown tea cosy pattern from Peta in Victoria. This one is jumping the queue of cosy patterns as it might be a bit quicker to knit than some patterns I am struggling with. Visit Peta at
Peta has a book of cosy patterns and readymade cosies can be ordered for non knitters.
 Two swans added to my collection, both both are from op shops at a bargain price. These 2 are unusual because they have eyes painted on. Both are Hollyware made by a Sydney pottery Sullivan and Griffiths. This pottery I believe only lasted a few years in the 1950's.
 I bough this shell vase for $2 last week in an op shop. I think it is also Hollyware as they have an almost identical wall vase. I don't have space to keep this vase so I'll admire and research it for a few weeks then donate it back.
Three interesting jugs. The pink one at the back is kept because it's small and interesting, I know nothing about it yet. The 2 jugs in front are unusual. The one on the left with the pretty scene is Victoria brand made in Czecho-Slovakia which according to Google if there is a hyphen it was made before World War II.
The jug on the right was made by IBC in Czechoslovakia no hyphen so it was made later. IBC made a lot of souvenir ware for Australia and New Zealand. I wonder why when there were so many potteries here at that time.


  1. Those shows look great glammed up and suit the dress well. Like the stitching and colour of your latest tea cosy.

  2. Shoes a real bargain. They don't need to be worn, they have earned their keep just by giving you fun in doing them up. Love all the pottery especially fond of little jugs. Do you have enough tea pots for all these tea cosies?

  3. Now if only a person can find shoes their own size at that price!!
    xo Catherine

  4. You are a real artist ! It's amazing what you did with this simple pair of shoes !! You should have become a decorator ! The other things are very nice too, but I still can't believe what you did with these shoes ! You certainly have not a lack of creativity !!

  5. I know the shoes are a bit to big, but I love what you did with them.