Saturday, April 5, 2014

My 300th Post and a Giveaway

Yes, my 300th post and I'm still here with something to say and something to show.
The first blogger or lurker to guess what the little crocheted treasure above is will win it. This is a one off prototype and will never be made again. No pattern exists and once you know what it is you will wonder how you ever managed without it. If no one wins I will demonstrate the use of this rare object in my next post. The object is small and light so I am willing to post anywhere in the world if you are willing to email your address.

 No it's not that, or that so guess again. No Charlotte doesn't want it for a tail warmer.
Some bloggers list 10 things others don't know about them but really there is only two things to know about me. I love the British Royal Family and I love cats.
Here is the Queen wearing her bow brooch.
 Now look, the Queen and I share the same taste in brooches and I have one the same as hers. Put side by side no one could tell the difference. I've allowed my old doll to wear mine as I don't want to dazzle people when I go shopping. Or be mugged for the diamonds. My brooch came from a catalogue and I paid $9.99 but really they are identical right down to the last diamond.
 Another crown tea cosy finished. This one was quick and easy to knit, looks impressive but still needs more jewels stitched on. Thanks to Gina who made sure I was alerted to this cosy and Peta whose pattern it is. I am ready as always for any member of the royal family to drop in for tea.
Another bugbear of mine. Who said there was only 2 things to know about me.
I don't like reverse parking but I can do it if I have to, last week I had to.
So I start to reverse, the male of the species in the car with me immediately started to give directions. I gritted my teeth and said nothing. (honestly). Then a man on the footpath joined in with more helpful!! directions. How I didn't jump out of the car and run screaming down the street and leave them to it I don't know. . Why do two men think I need help??? I want one of those cars that parks itself. I think you leave it in the middle of the road, the car finds a spot and parks itself.


  1. I really have no idea what this could be except a tail warmer for Arthur, or maybe a discreet finger cover when you have a broken finger ?
    I wouldn't dare to wear this brooch neither, I would fear for my bosom ! It's very kind of men to help a vintage person who drives ?! Women can't drive ! Don't forget that !

  2. Well...I get this feeling that I should know what it is. It looks familiar but I don't know why.
    You've made the tea cosy already - I LOVE it!! Seeing you were so quick because it was so easy, are you making any more to sell to interested bloggy friends? Just asking...
    Funny you should mention cars that park themselves. Ken's new ute does exactly that. It is really quite spooky to be sitting in the car and watch the steering wheel turn itself back and forth until the car is parked!

  3. A finger warmer. A pouch for holding knitting needles.
    No idea really. Looking forward to someone else discovering its use. Love the tea cosy and your beautiful $9.99 diamond brooch. A crochet spider trap.
    A model for a royal sceptre.

  4. Oh, I thought it would be a purrfect cover for a cat's tail. Well what about a small umbrella cover? Or somewhere to keep chopsticks? Or a snake coat?

    Anyway at least I recognise the good looking tea cosy. And it is kind of those men to even allow ladies to sit in the driver's seat!

  5. P.S Congratulations on your 300th post! Well done and keep on keeping on.

  6. Goodness - I'm not sure what that is. A kitty toy?
    Hope your April is wonderful!
    xo Catherine