Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surprise Gift and Bargains

Arrived in the mail yesterday, a pretty mug rug made by Gina over at 'Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens'. Gina mentioned on her blog that it was being made for someone who loves cats and London and I thought then that it has to be for me. Thank you so much Gina, I love the musical cats.
The mug on the rug is a Saturday bargain from the Salvos. A queen Victoria mug, perfect. The daffodils are from the supermarket and my first bunch of the season.
The other side of the mug rug shows views of London and also the other side of the Queen Victoria mug.
The rug is expertly made, thank you so much for thinking of me Gina, I won't know which side to use first.
Charlotte still hibernating.
While at the Salvos on Saturday morning I spotted these Damart shoes, brand new and just my size a bargain at $4
The first stitches are in my William and Kate wedding outfit. So far it's all shades of white and cream, looking forward to stitching William's red jacket.


  1. Lovely London mug rug from Gina. Looks bright and cheery, just the thing for the bleak winter weather at the moment. No wonder Charlotte is still hibernating.
    Well spotted those $4 shoes.

  2. Well that pink mat with the kitties playing the piano keys is absolutely darling isn't it? What a wonderful gift to receive!
    Kisses to Charlotte!
    Enjoy your week.
    xo Catherine

  3. Never heard of a mug rug before but it is an apt description. Lovely rug and mug. Charlotte has the right idea, very tempted today to snuggle under a blanket and sleep the day away. Shoes certainly a bargain. You are a champion bargain hunter.

  4. What a nice gift ! good luck with the stitching !

  5. Oh my mug rug looks lovely under those ornies! Glad you like it :-) Love those shoes, Damarts are so comfortable. When one sees a cat curled up in a kitty igloo, it makes you wish you had one of your own to curl up in, they look so cosy!