Monday, July 21, 2014

A Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been the 80th Wedding Anniversary of my parents. Stanley Oliver and Ella Kate. The others in the wedding party are the younger brother and sister of the groom, Les and Elva, and the flower girl is Joy, a niece of the bride. I love the long train mum has which I think is coming from her veil, not the dress. Wish I knew the colour of the bridesmaids dress but if I ever knew I can't remember.
The wedding was held at the local Methodist church with the reception at the bride's parents house. There was no honeymoon, they moved straight into a nearby rented cottage.
Remembered with Love.
UPDATE: A family member had a newspaper report of the wedding.
The bridesmaids gown was apricot georgette with cape to match. She carried a bouquet of blue lupins and sweetpeas with tulle and streamers to match.


  1. A beautiful photo

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing. xo

  3. What a fabulous photo to have. You are so lucky to have it:) I do have a newspaper account of my parents wedding but no picture.

  4. I love Emily, because...I LOVE CATS! Great photos.

  5. What a beautiful dress and nice photo ! My mother wore a brown suit, church weddings were not allowed with this crazy Hitler if you didn't wish to end up in a concentration camp !

  6. I love black and white photos and looking at old photos. Wasn't that dress amazing. So lovely.
    Wishing you a most wonderful August my friend!
    xo Catherine