Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catching Up and New Blog Friend

 A while since my last blog post but I have been busy and I have met a new blog friend. Vicki from Saffron's Strawberrypatch lives not far from me and has an amazing collection of Australian pottery. Vicki invited me to her lovely home and trusted me to open her cabinets and touch her precious collections.
I love the Kookaburra jugs Vicky has in this cabinet, you can see them on the left.
 Lots of Pokerwork on display again my favourite was a Kookaburra. Pokerwork was very popular in the 1930's.
 Another cabinet with some Aboriginal designs on the pottery, very popular in the 1950's.
 Vicki also paints and this is some of her work. Then we had a cup of tea together and though our collection are so different we had a lot to talk about and soon Vicki will come to my house to see my collections.
 This is my small collection of Australian pottery. I love lustre ware and Vicki kindly gave me the lustre vase with flowers you can see in the middle. Thank you Vicki, I love it. I stopped at an Antique Centre on the way home and bought the small lustre vase on the right.
My growing swan collection most of them lustre ware.


  1. I always enjoy looking through all the treasures inside friend's china cabinets.A cup of tea and Vicki's cabinet would have kept me busy for hours. :) Deb

  2. Sylvia, it all looks lovely. Thank you for sharing my passion with your other blogger friends. Look forward to seeing you next week at your lovely home. Vicki

  3. Looks like Vicki has a great pottery collection, you would have had a lot of fun at her place. I like the kookaburra doyley case. Your swan collection looks pretty with the daffodils.

  4. Enjoyed seeing Vicki's pottery and paintings, hope she enjoys the day viewing your collection. I notice the Queen has made her way in amongst the swans.

  5. How nice that you found a blogfriend living not far from you ! What a nice collection ! I love Kookaburras, didn't know this bird until I discovered it on an Australian blog. Now I wished I would have one to make me laugh when I am sad, lol !

  6. What a super collection! One doesn't have to be a collector of something to appreciate another person's collection, and while I don't collect pottery, I do have a few bits inherited from my parents that I've kept for sentimental reasons. When Ken and I see displays of pottery like this in a shop or museum we always have a long close look, as each individual piece is interesting.