Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Wishes

 Charlotte and Big Ted join me in sending Happy Christmas Wishes to all. Ted is wearing a new outfit and Charlotte loves the net skirt Ted is wearing so they are both happy.
The worst/funniest Christmas gift ever?? That's me on the left, my sister on the right and we are wearing the sun hats given to us by our paternal grandmother many years ago. The hats really can't be considered the worst ever gift if we are still laughing about them so many years later. My grandmother had so many grandchildren we were lucky to get anything at all. Some cousins in the same age group would have received the same gift.

Some sad things have been happening in my blog world and 2015 might not be much better but I am determined to do lots more posts next year. One exciting event to look forward to is Charlotte's 20th birthday in February. Still waiting for your party guest list Charlotte!!


  1. Hi Sylvia, sorry to hear you have been sad. Hope your Christmas Day was happy with your loved ones (furry and otherwise). I didn't get around to commenting on your last couple of posts but I'm green eyed over that fabulous apron!

  2. You look very cute with this hat ! Charlotte looks great for her age, Pookie has become rather skinny and she is only 16 !

  3. Hope your new year is happier and includes more exciting linen/royal treasures for you. Take care.

  4. A belated Happy Christmas to you and yours. Keep strong in mind and body to enable you to cope with all that 2015 holds for you. And relax by sewing, shopping and wearing sunhats then let us all see the results.