Monday, May 4, 2015

Teresa Gil Diana Cross Stitch and a new Princess

 A new princess has got me back to blogging. I have almost finished my Teresa Gil cross stitch of Diana. I think this cross stitch looks impressive but was not difficult to stitch. I'm sure Diana would have loved and been so proud of her new Granddaughter.
 And here is the new Royal Baby, I'm hoping she will be named Charlotte and we all know why.

 While Kate was busy giving birth I was at Sydney Opera House waving British flags, singing Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory etc. and throwing streamers. The orchestra played Waltzing Matilda at the end to remind the audience where we were. In Sydney not London.
I only heard about the concert the day before and was lucky to buy almost the last tickets.
Here the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is tuning up and the audience still coming in. The choir was seated behind the orchestra. I had a great view even though I was in one of the cheap seats.
Then I heard about the Royal Birth and am waiting for the name (Charlotte!!!!) so I can stitch a birth sampler.


  1. Cross stitch does look very impressive. Last Night at the Proms, what a wonderful show to see even if not in London. Charlotte is a beautiful name for the new baby and seems to be the one favoured by the papers but I also like second choice of Alice. Your Princess Charlotte would be very proud if her name was chosen. Whatever they choose I am sure it will be very regal. Baby looks gorgeous - as do all babies, royal or otherwise.

  2. Beautiful cross stitch:)

    I thought you'd have to post about the new baby....and she is to be a Charlotte!!!!

  3. They got the name right! Glad to see you back to blogging. You must have some finds/makes to show us! Wonder how many samplers will be about for this baby? There weren't a lot of George ones...

  4. Cross stitch looks beautiful. Happy news for Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

  5. That concert would have been sensational. Ken and I went to a similar "Proms" concert here a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Lovely cross stitching as always :-)

  6. The dress of Diana looks beautiful ! Now the baby's name is really Charlotte (named after your cat !) How thoughtful of the young couple ! I just can't imagine Diana as a grandma I don't know why. Maybe because she left us so early.