Sunday, May 24, 2015

George V Coronation Sampler 1911 and More Embroidery

 A rare (I Think) and stunning hand embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George V. Fresh from eBay in the U.K. I wouldn't dare take this one from the frame to wash. The sampler came sealed in the original frame and I have found a place on my wall for it. With only some slight moving around of other samplers.
 For my apron collection I now have another hand embroidered masterpiece. Lady with kookaburra sitting on outstretched hand and holding a bunch of wildflowers in her arm.
 A close up, kookaburras are a popular theme in old aprons. On the right you can see I already had this apron but not stitched.
 Not Royal or an apron but somehow I had to have this large hand embroidered masterpiece. Bought from a nearby antique/junk shop the seller told me it is from Croatia. I think it has been hand drawn on fabric then stitched by hand. It seems to tell a story. The sailor is begging Red Dress Girl to elope with him on his boat. She has turned away after telling him to come back with a much bigger boat then she'll think about it!!!
Owing to lack of space I've hung this across a doorway. Lucky for me I'm not very tall so can walk underneath. Tall guests(grandsons etc.) must bend their heads to walk through the doorway and be thankful I didn't place the embroidery in a solid wood frame.
I had to go back to the shop twice and bargain hard to get this embroidery down to my price range. I think I only got a bargain because the seller's lunch was getting cold.
24th May 1819. Queen Victoria's Birthday.


  1. Speechless! Well almost! Such a beautiful collection of historical and art objects. You're a miracle worker (or live in a castle), you always seem to be able to find one more space on the wall - or in a doorway. And did the sailor come back with a bigger boat?

  2. All very nice stitching, the coronation sampler is lovely.

  3. It seems that you have bought quite a lot of new items ! Now you have a lot to stitch. Maybe you should add an exhibition hall to your home for all these beautiful things ! lol !

  4. I have that coronation sampler, but very faded colours -yours is gloriously bright. I have only seen ? Three examples of it? So I think it's rare. The Croatian embroidery is an interesting find, too. Take care. Glad to see new posts from you!

  5. I have just found a version of the 1911 Coronation sampler. I'm so pleased to find you have one in the 'correct' colours. Ours is as new, having been lightly folded in a bag for 106 years.