Friday, July 17, 2015

Teresa Gil 'Kate' Finished and Catching Up.

All finished and I am so pleased with my efforts. My photo doesn't do this design justice as there is some very pretty beading and I love beads and beading. I do have to make one confession, I am not good with gold thread and only used one strand and not the two listed in the instructions. Much quicker and no snags or breaks.
 The two 'Royal Ladies' together. When stitching Diana I struggled with the 2 gold two threads, if you could see the two pictures in person not just photos the difference between one and two threads of gold is not so noticeable. Now if I can find some wall space...........
 Looking for my next big project (without looking for all the UFO's * I have hidden) I found this rug kit on eBay. It will be perfect beside my bed as another trip hazard. Sadly my enthusiasm has once again overtaken my skill and I can't get to grips with that hook. I have read the instructions and looked at google, still can't master that hook. My neighbour told me she 'knows how" as she left for the airport and a four week trip overseas. Meanwhile I have hidden the kit away.
 Two sewing bags from eBay. The one on the left is entirely stitched by hand from fabric for the coronation of Edward VIII 1937, Edward's face can be seen at the base The fabric shows the procession which didn't happen for Edward. The bag on the right is for the coronation of George VI and has the initials G and E each side of the crown and the year 1937 under the crown. Not sure if this one is hand or machine embroidered. I would have to unpick the lining to be sure and I won't do that.
 The other side of the small sewing bag.
 Remember the tea cosy started three years ago for the Diamond Jubilee. The knitting is finished, can't be bothered sewing all the little jewels on so have decorated the base with diamond and other rare jewel brooches and necklaces bought at markets and op shop. I will sew a few more jewels day.
 The other side, more brooches.
Close up of my favourite jewels. The one on the left is really a Christmas decoration and the most expensive at $16. Had to have it as it is identical to the 'Hope for the Future' diamond on my 'never to be missed' American soap opera Bold and the Beautiful. On the right the 'knock your eye out' diamond can be worn as a brooch or necklace and I would wear it to the supermarket but I might be mugged in the carpark.
* UFO is unfinished object.


  1. Kate looks lovely. Never mind about the rug, you have completed so many other things :)

  2. I see you kept yourself very busy ! The Kate stitching is beautiful ! You even managed to stitch her mane ! Some very nice bargains too and I love the tea pot covers !

  3. Beautiful work. So impressed. My daughter can do latch hook work but she is also overseas. Is there a conspiracy . Maybe trying to save you from another trip hazard. Love the jewels on the tea cosy. Can you wear it as a beanie if you want to show off your brooches etc?

  4. Your eyesight is excellent to be able to do such exquisite stitching, especially with beads! They are gorgeous as usual! I've never done latch hook, but a friend made two rugs for me, one with an owl and another a Xmas design. I have the owl one in the spare room on the floor and the Xmas one comes out once a year to be hung in a window. I don't think I could be keen enough to learn how to do it.
    The Tea cosy is lovely, and I think the brooches are perfect as crown jewels! I would have done the same thing if I had been making it :-)