Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teresa Gil 'Kate' Update and Amazing Apron

My Teresa Gil cross stitch is looking good, there is a lot of work in the skirt but all easy stitching. The skirt took 4 weeks to stitch and I have to admit to a little bit of unpicking. Always happens when I think something is easy,I relax and make a mistake. I'm always checking and double checking as I stitch so not too much unpicking just enough to be annoying.
 Arrived today, another beautiful apron from eBay. Perfectly stitched many years ago but the crochet edge never finished so never washed, never worn. I would like to frame this one, I think it's a work of art.
 A close up of the top, the pocket is a fringed lamp. I have a few dancing couple aprons. This might be the best. The seller was so slow to post and didn't answer emails I had almost given up receiving it.
 Showing the perfect hand stitching on the back and the hem stitching just waiting for the crochet hook.
 A Beach Girl apron with the embroidery finished but no edging or pocket in place. This one needs bias binding and I have finished some that way but now there are too many and I want to concentrate on my 'Royal' stitching.
Then there are lots of aprons like this in my collection. Started with great enthusiasm then put away and forgotten for many years. No, it wasn't started by me and yes I have lots of UFO's of my own and yes I collect other peoples as well. If only I knew how to sell on eBay. Much easier to buy.


  1. What a beautiful green gown the lady is wearing, glad the apron finally arrived, it is lovely. And your work on Kate's dress is coming along really well even if there are a few unpickings.
    You may wish you knew how to sell on Ebay but could you really. ;) (a smile)

  2. Can't imagine your wanting to sell anything from your collections. The dancing couple apron is, as you say, a work of art. Love the lamp pocket. 'Kate' is coming along very well, keep stitching and hopefully not unpicking.

  3. Wow, that promises hours of work ! I pity you when you have to start with Kate's hair !!

  4. I also have the dancing couple apron in my collection, and it has always been my favourite out of all the aprons I have seen and/or bought ever since. Love your others too, though! I also have a box of unworked and and unfinished aprons that I'd hope to add to my collection of completed aprons, but I fear that day will never come now!