Thursday, September 3, 2015

Royal Collection and Me

 A book I received for my recent birthday about a very interesting man. Next to the book are two photos I took in the Mall, that could even be my hand trying to grab a corgi to take home for a souvenir. Not sure if  these are photos from the QM's 100th birthday or her funeral as I was at both occasions.
 I found this bargain at BigW reduced from $50 to $10 and apart from being a lot of fun, underneath my bed has never been so cat hair and dust free. I want robot everything now.
 Shibella is guarding her food and water station from the manic robot.
 The Queen and Philip are Sheena Rogers designs and were meant to be mini cushions. Janice in New York first alerted me to them, I decided to frame them together and add the words Elizabeth II Longest reign. The Queen becomes the longest reigning British Monarch next week.
 I am keeping busy with small projects as I know Teresa Gil is releasing a new cross stitch for the longest reign and I will drop everything to start stitching her design. No, Shibella won't be neglected!!
 Not a good time to start this Charles and Diana tapestry, think I will put it away for another few years.
Hard to believe it was 18 years this week since Diana's tragic death.
More luck at the Salvos' op shop, I found a Royal Visit 1954 towel on a rack with other towels and only $2. I do love a bargain, I already had one towel, now I have two. 100% better.


  1. Lovely to see more from your collections. Can't see how that robot works but glad it does. Shibella is wise to guard her property.

  2. 18 years since Diana's death! I remember I was on an emergency recovery exercise for my company. I was in a remote site with only a radio for company. The whole situation was surreal to begin with but the announcement of her death just made it more so.

  3. I love the finish you gave to my Elizabeth and Philip designs - a nice alternate to mini cushions :-) I couldn't resist designing another mini cushion to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte!

  4. Thank you for the news on the Teresa Gil upcoming chart. And I love how you finished off the Sheena Rogers designs. I can't believe it's been 18 years. I can remember that night so vividly.

  5. Again a lot of work for you ! This robot is great ! Have never seen one like this ! Only vacuum robots which clean the whole house ! Does Shebella helps you with stitching ? Yes it is unbelievable that Diana died 18 years ago.