Friday, September 25, 2015

Shibella and Her Big Adventure

 Shibella is exhausted because 8 days ago when I opened my front door she shot out and disappeared. I did see her after a few minutes but Shibella was frightened and I panicked. I tried to pick her up but she is a big cat and fought, bit and scratched and ran away. Next day I had to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot and anti-biotics, my damaged hand is slowly recovering. Then I walked the streets, put up signs, letter box dropped, forced a friend on a bush walk with me and all the time banging a spoon against a food dish. Listed Shibella as lost with the RSPCA as she is micro chipped and registered to me.
No Shibella no use looking for a way out. You will not escape again. Shibella has lost no weight so what were you living on? Endangered species rat? I started leaving food and water out and she eventually ran inside when the weather turned cold. Clever girl to know your own home when you have lived with me such a short time.
 Here Shibella is seen leaving a counselling session with Big Ted. Ted has been mentor to many bears and cats over the years but I was told privately that Shibella will need more help than most.
 I was hoping to put catnip on the scratch post for encouragement when I accidentally spilled it, Shibella is having a great time rolling in it.
No I won't vacuum the catnip up yet,enjoy it while you can.


  1. Oh Shibella what an adventure. Glad you made it back home. I guess your lady servant has understood your message - don't mess with me.

  2. Next time she goes out she will come back in a couple of hours ! She had had her big adventure ! Probably somebody has fed her, Arthur also gets always food somewhere or steals it ! And I feed the neighbor cats without knowing it because they come in through the cat flap, lol !

  3. I am glad she is home safe. I am sure she was just testing you. Best wishes, Vicki

  4. Hi I'm Giovanna and I just find your blog.
    I'm enchanted I love cats and your beautiful stitching.
    I love √Člisabeth stitching and I immediately buy the pattern. I would like to stitch it. Big hugs from Italy