Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mish Mash and Odds and Ends

 October is almost over and I haven't done a post. These pics were loaded when son D. visited so all were taken early in October. This man and his ferrets are often at the local markets for a walk. The one on the left is named Diesel and I think the one on the right is Horatio. They are always being coaxed along for a walk but most often I see them being carried.
 I think the Queen is having a laugh at my very trendy light fittings. Left behind buy the sellers of my house they have a dimmer switch and and I was warned never to have them on high in case aircraft mistook them for landing lights. Very handy when I want to check for mistakes in my cross stitch. I have two more of the same in my kitchen.
 Look! I can grow something, My lilies thrive on neglect.
 Went to a garden party recently and was served mulberry pie and rhubarb pie. Both made by D. from her own trees and plants.
 D. has lived in her house for over 60 years and has the most amazing, beautiful and overgrown garden. This plant is Bird of Paradise. I now have one in my own garden and am waiting for the first flower.
 Part of D's garden.
 In one corner of the garden is a genuine old Aussie shed.
 Our local shopping centre is doing it a bit tough right now so in the last school holidays they had this Zoo. I am only showing a couple of animals but all were life sized and moved and sounded like the real thing. I loved them.
 This is a photo of Jack Moses with his arm around a kangaroo and an emu and emu chicks in front. Jack is famous for his poem and song 'Where the dog sits on the tucker box five miles from Gundagai'.
I was lucky enough to find this book signed by Jack at a large second hand book sale. The book is called nine miles from Gundagai and it is said Jack couldn't be sure of distances. The book is also signed by Joan Read an announcer at radio 2CH in 1940 so it might have been a competition prize back then. There is a statue of the dog and tucker box at Gundagai so most people travelling south to Canberra or Melbourne make a stop there.
Am now waiting for another visit from son D. and a further lesson on how to load photos on my updated computer.


  1. Ferrets are very cute and like little dogs, the only thing is they stink and you have to clean the cage all the time ! At a first glance I thought that the Queen was really sitting in your room ! On the picture she looks so real ! I miss pictures from Shibella !! It seems that you feel well now in your new home !

  2. The lillies are looking good, looks like you've found the right plant for the non-gardener. Mulberry pie is an old-fashioned recipe, probably from the era of the Dog on the Tuckerbox poem.

    Yes, keep those lights down low, apart from aircraft landing in your lounge room think of the electricity bill!

  3. That book is a real find. Mulberry pie was one of my favourites but mulberries are not sold very often and with no tree nearby (as well as no cooling skills) I have not had one in ages.
    Lillies look good and no doubt your bird of paradise will flower. Enjoyed the mix of subjects but like Gattina I would like to know what Shibella thinks of it all. Probably would not think much of those ferrets.

  4. I read your beautiful post
    Photos are fantastic