Sunday, November 20, 2016

Roecliffe and Chapman 1953 Coronation Party Dress

 A very exciting find for my collection. This dress made from coronation fabric perhaps to be worn on The Day for a lunch or party? Made by the prestigious company Roecliffe and Chapman of Grosvenor St London (label still in back of dress). A company known for its high couture and made to measure service in the 1940s and early 1950s. The company is mentioned in the book 'Cutting Edge - 50 years of British Fashion'.
 Not sure what the fabric is-could be silk? Wish this dress could talk so I could know where it has been and what it has seen. I tried the dress on, It would be a perfect fit if only I could close the side zip!!!
 Another new item a child's coronation tea set. This might have been played with while Mother was out at a party in her new dress. The box is in bad shape with no lid but the china is perfect.
 Had to leave my coronation wallpaper behind when I moved but lucky for me I had more. This time I had no help putting it up so cut the strip into 4 pieces to make it more manageable. The plantation shutters were installed by the previous owner and now I have come to like them. Wasn't sure about them at first as I am a lace curtain type of person.
 The other side of the room.
 And opposite the bed. Previous owners had a large TV up there but I like to read in bed so more 'Royal Stuff' Up there.
 Cross stitch on Cut-Thru Buckingham Palace is finished but now LOTS of backstitch to be done to make sense of it all.
Have been looking for a Queen Victoria kit for a while and this Mini Cushion design by Sheena Rogers is perfect. Too good for a cushion so I will frame it when finished.

Shibella has been to the Vet. this week for her summer hair cut and refuses to appear in this post. She will have lots of opinions to share next time.


  1. Love the dress, perfect for you at any social event if that zip would just do up. Bedroom looks terrific, royally restful. Hope Shibella recovers from the trauma of her haircut. Every time I have a haircut I want to hide in a cupboard or maybe a cardboard box would do.

  2. Hi dear
    I adore this post.
    I'm seeing beautiful photos with fantastic stitches. My best compliments.

  3. The fabric has a nice design, but the dress is a bit outdated ! Your new home looks very cosy and you have enough space for your royals ! The only life royal I am missing is Shibella ! was she hiding ??

  4. The dress looks very smart, I think the neckline is lovely. I would like to be able to wear it while using the elegant little tea set. Perhaps you can join me Shibella when you're feeling pretty again.