Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day 2017

 Australia Day with State Emblems and the Crown still firmly in place.
 A sign at a local butcher shop. Almost turning me vegetarian but I do love roast lamb. And I did enjoy my Australia day barbecue and lamingtons today.
 These are Aboriginal sculptures at Lake Illawarra where I live and I don't quite understand them yet.
 Or the significance of the gold shoes and the mug and plate or even the stack of towels.
 Or the white shoes, is it in case of emergency break glass?
The totems tells the history of Lake Illawarra. Click on this pic. to read the text.
 I have yet to do the 3K walk which will tell the whole story and ALL might be revealed.
 Is this the original 'boy from the bush'? No my daughter brought him home many years ago and he is now a loved if much older family member and father to my 2 grandsons.
Yes, Yes it's an Irish drink and perfect with ice cream. No better way to end Australia day.
Shibella does not appear in this post as she is A British Shorthair.


  1. Happy Australia Day and cheers, nice to celebrate with a multicultural Baileys. The boy from the bush looks wild but he might have settled down by now. The art is very quirky. As a vegetarian I'm not tempted by that emu.

  2. Happy Australia Day. Sausages and a cup of tea, as far as our celebrations went. The poles and contents are rather strange but I suppose that is considered art.

  3. Love this post Sylvia! I haven't been blogging much these days, apart from keeping my stitching blog up to date, so I've only just caught up with my friends on the sidebar. We had a lovely Aust. Day party with six good friends, no BBQ (too hot) but cool salads, and a pav and cheesecake for dessert :-)