Monday, January 16, 2017

Shibella and More Royal Souvenirs

 I heard a knock at the door so I'm outside looking through the glass door till I know who it is. SHE knows I don't like anyone coming to the house-hope SHE doesn't offer them a cup of tea. Or worse-a glass of wine, then they'll never go home.
 You can come in now Shibella, they've gone and I want to write about my Royal stuff.
My Buckingham Palace cut-thru is finished and framed. I'm very pleased with the result even though I worked it in 14ct Aida not 16ct which came with the kit. The kit by Bothy Threads came with a generous supply of threads. Lots of back stitch but a separate chart made this a bit easier to work.
 A expertly stitched Gobelin tapestry of Princess Diana, Very tiny stitches like petit point or tiny tent stitches and the back is as good as the front. I bought this from Bulgaria and the parcel only took 2 weeks to arrive.
 A close up of the stitches.
 My favourite model Big Ted is showing a child's coronation party dress, the pocket shows a crown with Elizabeth R 1953 embroidered. The card in Ted's pocket reads The "Glenthorne" Party Frock size 22"to 24" suggested age 3-6 years. The frock came in original packaging and had never been worn, the price on the card is 19/6 or nineteen shillings and sixpence. Ted has teamed the party frock with a Charles and Diana sun hat from THE wedding in 1981. Thank you Big Ted for being such a great model and for being a BIG Ted.
 Is there no end to the souvenirs out there that I must have in my collection and on my walls?? This is a large wall hanging or rug from the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth. I have placed it above the front door where there was still a bit of space.
 Some fabric bought from America just printed so not original. The fabric took 5 weeks to travel from America but my parcel from Bulgaria arrived in 2. Now I think I love Bulgaria.
 A friend had a big birthday last week and I made her this card as she loves Toucans and I found a chart on google.
As she is an Elvis fan and also shares his birthday this is her cake. Supplied by her daughter-not made by me.


  1. Second attempt at a comment. First one vanished. Love computers. Your palace cut-thru is very impressive. Also your item from Bulgaria. Love the toucan card and I am sure you will find good use for the material. Big ted is a wonderful model. I hope you offered your visitors a cup of tea at least.

  2. Nice to see Elvis mixing it with the Royals. The Princess of Wales stitching is very good, tiny little stitches give a nice result. Your dolls house view of the palace is fun and well done. And a toucan and Shibella in one post, best have a glass of wine to celebrate :).

  3. My goodness, what a work you have done one this Buckingham Palace cut-thru !! You must have spent hours on that ! But it looks great ! The other things you were able to find are also very nice, I had to laugh when I saw Elvis, he seems a bit out of place, although he is "The King" lol !

  4. What a sweetie Shibella is !
    Lovely souvenirs ...
    and I love your model Big Ted !
    Have a nice week,