Sunday, July 9, 2017

Princess Elizabeth and Phillip Engaged 70th Anniversary and More

70 years ago today in London the Royal Couple were about to announce their Engagement and in November this year they will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary. A family member had saved this newspaper and though a bit yellow and fragile it is now in my collection. The date on the paper is 10th July 1947 and price is tuppence. The weather forecast for 70 years ago,top left hand corner is exactly the same as the weather today.
Twenty years since the tragic death of Diana. So this is the year I must finish this tapestry.
Found this little cross stitch in my Unfinished stash so it was easy to finish and make myself feel good about completing something.
Another tapestry for the Coronation found on eBay. Worked in tiny Tent tapestry stitching it had been made into a cushion but I like it in a frame. I've never seen this design before so how many more Royal tapestries are out there waiting for me to find them?
Now a new just released book. Full instructions enclosed for all the designs, no knitting involved only winding yarn around.
All royal family members are there waiting to be made.
The Queen with grt. grandchildren included. I somehow think I would not be any good at making these dolls but it is a fun book to have in my collection.


  1. Thank you for another look at your marvellous, varied collection. The paper is a great item to have. The dolls are cute but I have difficulty identifying who is who. Good luck in finishing the tapestry and congratulations on finishing other items.

  2. Nice to have the original newspaper of the Royal engagement. I bet the ads in the paper are pretty interesting too. 20 year anniversary since Diana's death, so long ago already.

  3. 20 years already that Diana died !! Time flies by so quick ! I have read somewhere that her sons will publish a book only about her as a mum. I don't now if there are other celebrations. You have again a lot to do !!

  4. You certainly have a huge collection of Royal Memorabilia ... I hadn't realised the Queen got engaged in July ... not long to prepare for the November Wedding ... cheers Hilary