Friday, August 25, 2017

Coronation and Jubilee Souvenirs and a Warning from Shibella

 I wish someone had warned ME about the type of house I was being adopted into. It's a Museum I tell you People. I dread days like today when SHE comes back happily from the Post Office with parcel tucked under one arm and starts rearranging everything to display the latest purchase. I would run away but I don't like to be too far from my dinner dish as I am now on the 3 meals a day diet with dry food left out for midnight snacks.
 But look at this amazing swimwear Shibella, made for the Queen's 1977 Silver Jubilee. It's a Speedo design made under licence in Britain. Speedo is an Australian label but this one was made for the UK market. It is a child's size but I managed to squeeze it onto this model for display
 Matching swim trunks for the young man at the beach. I've teamed it with a Charles and Diana Wedding beach hat and Royal Visit 1954 Tee Shirt. The swimwear looks like it has never been worn. There seems to be no end to the very unusual souvenirs waiting for me to find them.
 Another pretty hand embroidered Coronation 1953 sampler I managed to find space for.
 A length of fabric from the Coronation of Edward VIII 1937. The souvenirs were already made when he abdicated. Top left hand corner is a small bag made from the fabric that I already had in my collection.
 A porridge plate also for Edward VIII. I try to only have fabric or embroidery in my collection now but some items turn up that I can't resist
 A Coronation Duchess set, I have lots of coronation doilies but this is the first duchess set. It came beautifully starched and I want to know the sellers starching secret.
Now for something completely different. The young man playing the piano is a concert pianist from Romania. He is the son-in-law of a member of our Senior's club. He played our old piano which has not been tuned for years with no music and stunned us all into silence. His talent is amazing and just to watch his hands fly over the keyboard was a treat for us all.


  1. Why are you waiting outside Shibella, is SHE charging an entrance fee for this museum? It looks interesting inside anyway and the cafe sounds quite suitable for you.

  2. Cats have no appreciation of any fabrics, vintage, royal or not. Otherwise I would be able to put my best quilts on our bed and the spare bed and not worry about them being kneaded to shreds..
    Lovely and unusual additions to your collection, Sylvia!

  3. I love watching concert pianists. We have several DVDs of Liberace and others and never tire of watching their fingers on the keys.

  4. Oh Shibella it is exciting seeing a new parcel arrive, you never know one day it may be something you can eat or play with. Now that porridge bowl just the right size for your dry food rations. Like the swimwear, shame it is child size. Also like the duchess set. How lucky to have such a talented pianist entertain you.

  5. Shibella your servant has bought a lot of (for cats) useless things ! Not even a bowl with a Windsor mouse in, or a blanket with little Georges head ! Btw I booked my trip to London for the 19th to visit Kensington Palace and Diana's fashion !