Thursday, March 8, 2018

Golden Jubilee 2002 Latch Hook Rug Finished and More

 My Golden Jubilee hooked rug is finished. I bought the kit from eBay about 3 years ago with no idea how to hook a rug. 31st January this year a new member came to my craft group and showed me how to hook. I started my rug that day, became 'hooked' and obsessed and finished my rug in only 5 weeks.
 The back.
 Showing some of the left over wool. It was a complete kit with hook and short lengths of wool to be pulled through the canvas. The pattern was printed on the canvas but a chart was included for total accuracy.
 I bought an artist board and nailed the rug onto it with carpet tacks. It would look nice on the floor but I'd hate to see Shibella using the rug as a bed or sharpening her claws on it.
 I try to keep the kitchen a bit clear of my collection but look at that empty wall space.
 A perfect place for my rug. I don't cook so it is safe from cooking smells and grease.
I love hand embroidery perhaps because I am not much good at it. These two beautiful pictures came at a reasonable price from eBay and the embroidery is beautiful. The first shows my dream house-or it could be a nightmare. Who would look after the horse? and I always imagine there must be some nasty insect living in the thatched roof.
The second picture makes me wonder what the story is. Is it a biblical scene? A young man off to the Crusades being farewelled by his mother? The way the sides of the panel are cut so close makes me think this is part of a much larger panel which might tell the complete story


  1. No wonder your kitchen is so clean. A good spot for the beautiful hooked rug. Live in the thatched house and hire a groom for the horse.
    Boy too young for a knight more likely a knight's squire. Not his mother. A priest?

  2. It looks very nice in your kitchen ! I am pleased to hear that you don't cook anymore, I don't cook either anymore or very seldom !

  3. Rug looks fantastic. Well done. A good place to view it and Shibella won’t bother with it up there. Hope your hands are ok after all the hooking. ☺️