Friday, May 18, 2018

Harry and Meghan's Wedding and I am Ready

 I think I have everything ready for my marathon TV viewing of The Wedding and the lead up to the big day. Note the Prince Harry tea bag I have been saving for just this occasion.
 I will be wearing my Harry and Meghan scarf. Look closely at the pattern, very clever.
 Had hoped to have this pretty sampler finished and on the wall by now but sometimes I have to put my sewing down and feed Shibella. The chart is from Cross Stitch Crazy mag.#241.
 And if I had a few more knitting skills I could knit the happy couple.
 The pattern is in English Woman's Weekly 8th May edition. Tom Jones is also on the cover, that is his ear.
 A replica of Meghan's engagement ring. I bought one on eBay from the U.K but sadly it hasn't arrived in time for me to wear while watching the wedding.
But I do have this ring to wear, it is a replica of the Spencer tiara that Princess Diana wore at her wedding and is very sparkly and shiny. My camera does not do it justice.


  1. You look very well prepared for the wedding. Hope Shibella lets you enjoy it. I’m sure she’ll want to see what Meghan’s dress is like.

  2. Such organisation. You could work on the sampler while watching but that probably would not be considered polite in royal circles. Enjoy the occasion.

  3. Very nice and I love the Harry teabag. The coverage starts here at 4:30 a.m. but I will be sleeping. I'm sure I will see the reruns.

  4. They give you new work indeed ! I made pictures from my TV they are on Writer Cramps blog.