Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my slippers and spider

Showing my slippers today to cheer myself up, I shouldn't have to tell anyone who they are and yes they fit and no I don't wear them.
The spider was in my shower all yesterday so could not use that shower, lucky I have 2 bathrooms, I don't like to use second shower as it is too hard to clean. Yes I know it's harmless etc. etc. and this one only seems to have 7 legs but that is still too many legs for me. Gone from the shower now but I still feel it could be somewhere in the house watching.
This morning the huge dust storm came, the worst for about 65 years and though the house was closed up red dust seeped in and everything is coated in red dust. All my collections will need to be washed, dusted or cleaned. Even the cats' beautiful white paws turned red just from walking on the floor before I had time to clean it. Charlotte did jump on me at 3.30am so perhaps she was trying to warn me something was wrong, well I ignored her, told her to have a sleep, maybe I should listen to her next time. Oh well back to cleaning and dusting.


  1. Dusting off all that red dust from the Northern Territory will give you a wonderful "opportunity" to reaquaint yourself with your enormous royal collection! Let's hope it's another 65 years before it comes this way again. Pity it didn't blow the spider away.

  2. Chuckling here at the thought of you using the alternative bathroom because of a spider - sorry! I just clamp a large jar over them and once they are in the bottom, I screw the lid on, and take it out to the garden. LOL, I know many people won't do that though.
    The dust storm was terrible, and I sympathise with everyone up there who have to clean their properties from top to bottom. We had a bad one like that in Melbourne a few years ago and the dust seemed to be in the house for months, no matter how much you cleaned up. I saw on the news you might be in for another one...I do hope it blows itself out before getting to the cities.

  3. Hahaha ! I want to have these slippers ! but not the spider !