Thursday, September 24, 2009

spider update

The spider is on the move and now just outside bathroom door. Now I have a clearer run to the back door I wonder if I am brave enough to knock him/her into a bucket and throw bucket and spider out the door. Watch this space......


  1. You might be able to sweep your lodger out the door with effective broom technique. Or perhaps your cats could help with the eviction.

  2. Oh, dear lady, be brave, grab a fly swatter and smack him!!
    Then clean the wall...isn't that better than wondering were you might find him next?!
    I would do it for you if I could :)

  3. Your spider wouldn't have a long life in my house, cat Pookie loves spiders (and I hate them) so I found a solution, whenever I see a spider, I put Pookie in the same room, close the door and after some rumblings when I open the door the spider is gone and Pookie cleans her mouth !
    If you love cats go to my cat blog there you will see them all :
    Nice to meet you ! I am a fan of Diana ! I was in London 1 week after her funeral and visited Kensington Palace, I have never seen so many flowers in my whole life !