Wednesday, September 23, 2009

spider saga continued

Well I knew it had to be there somewhere. Just went into the bathroom to clean my teeth and THERE IT WAS, hiding above the small royal display on my bathroom wall. Charles and Diana towel and soaps from the royal wedding. This is a Royal household with 2 very Regal cats so either that spider goes or we do.
Just hope it hasn't used my toothbrush, to be continued........


  1. Oh Charles, where did you get that hat?

  2. If it gets low enough on a wall for the cats to see, I'm sure one or both of them will happily pounce on it and eat it. Great protein supply for cats - seriously!

  3. Darling, I came by to thank you for visiting me often… you are a good friend. Today is a gorgeous day and I hope that it will stay sunny the entire weekend. I wish you a lovely and sunny weekend.

    Love & Hugs