Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Queen Elizabeth II Birthday

Although the Queen's official birthday is celebrated in June, today is her real birthday. Happy Birthday Ma'am. The Queen is 84 today and in my opinion an inspiration to us all.
I've put together a small display of some of my souvenirs for her birthday, they are shown on a hand embroidered coronation tablecloth which I will show in detail on a later post, it is so pretty. The backdrop is a coronation sampler. A coronation brooch, which I sometimes wear is at the front and of course a mini Gold Coach and horses.
A new addition to my collection is this pretty cup showing the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret rose. Went to a large local trash and treasure market last Sunday and that's where I found this little treasure. The saucer is missing and the picture a little scratched but I am thrilled with it.

A beautiful hand embroidered sampler showing part of the Queens first Christmas speech in 1952. This was an ebay purchase and another of those must have items, never seen one like it before.

Part of the embroidered Queens speech, it was in the book of all the Queen's speeches I received as a Christmas gift.

New stamp issue every year to celebrate the Queen's birthday and this is the issue for 2010. Lovely photo of her I think.
Today is also the birthday of a friend and her middle name is Elizabeth.
Happy Birthday P.F. Lucky you, sharing a birthday and a name with the Queen.
My middle name is Margaret so I suppose that will have to be close enough.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Queen!

    Why do they have her official birthday celebration in June instead of now? Do you know? Hmmm....

  2. Lovely tribute, Sylvia, and I do love seeing your memorabilia, especially the embroidered items. Whatever did we do without eBay? Just think what we would have missed out on, because we never knew it existed!
    My middle name is Elizabeth, and I always liked it much better than my first name. I once considered having it changed around by deed poll if that's what it took, but decided by the time I was an adult, just to live with the status quo. If it was my first name, I would never have answered to Liz, Betty, or any other abbreviation, as I think Elizabeth in full is such a beautiful name.

  3. Catherine, I think EdwardVII, reingned 1901-1910 made the official birthday in June as his birthday was 9th November which he thought too wet and cold for celebrations.

  4. Nice things you got there ! I saw her yesterday on TV when she got out of the church at Windsor Castle with a few family members. She is unbelievable, she follows her mother's foodsteps ! There was a time I didn't like her (Diana's time) but I have to admit that she changed a lot and understood very quickly that the monarchy had to be modernized and that she has done ! For that I admire her again, because it proofs that she is not a stubborn old woman but still young in her heart. She didn't have a nice life with her Philip, he was such a womanizer !

  5. What a find!! The Queen' birthday speach. You really do ferret things out.