Sunday, June 20, 2010

Market Day

Perfect winter's day and I'm off to the local trash and treasure market. Here's Charlotte watching me get into my car and looking so sad I almost didn't go but I did promise to be home for lunch and she was o.k with that. More trash than treasure today, walking around markets counts as excercise for me so the day is never wasted

Could not go home empty handed, also if I don't buy SOMETHING I might be tempted to buy some of the homemade cakes that were for sale. I already have a crown identical to this one but two crowns are better than one and it was a bargain.
I try not to buy any more Royal china unless it is very unusual, the mug was another bargain and even cheaper than those tempting cakes. The mug is for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, made by Staffordshire Potteries and has-Presented by-The City of Stoke-on-Trent on the base, perhaps it was a gift to schools or groups at the time of the Jubilee.
Spent the afternoon sitting in the sun with Charlotte and Emily and we saw this go past.
Not the first time I've seen one, it looks like a surf board but you have to stand up to paddle along, looks like hard work to me and would be even harder if you fell off and got wet.


  1. I love those markets too ! I see you couldn't resist, lol !
    Yesterday I watched the Royal Wedding in Sweden, the whole afternoon, it was soooo romantic ! Last wedding I watched from beginning til the end was Diana's !

  2. Hmmn, two crowns, well it is hard to go past a bargain. And the mug is cheaper than the cake and also has much less calories.

    The man in the lake looks like a fisherman in Asia.