Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Official Birthday Holiday

Public holiday Monday to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Her real birthday is 21st April but I will say Happy Birthday again Ma'am and show a cross stitch portrait I worked of the Queen. The chart was in a magazine and was an easy one to stitch as she is not wearing pearls or a tiara, the very things that always give me trouble when stitching.
Above, a very pretty hand embroidered coronation sampler, this one an ebay purchase.

I could choose one of these mugs to drink tea and think royal thoughts on this special day.

Perfect winter weather for a holiday and Lake Illawarra is full of fishing boats hoping for a catch.
You'll have to take my word that there were lots of boats, I could only fit two and a pelican in my camera lens, I'ts a big lake.

Some wattle trees are now coming into flower and this pic was taken yesterday in a park just around the corner from my daughter's house.
Was going to say more but 'The Queen at 80" pt1 is now on the Bio. channel-must go.....


  1. Usually I watch this event on TV, but this year I missed it, I completely forgot, that's due to the thousand pictures from Morocco I have to sort out and also my exposition I had yesterday !

  2. An easy one to stitch?!! Gosh, how I admire you and others who can do this kind of stuff.