Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love big trucks and today was the annual children's charity convoy. The convoy started with hundreds of motor bikes then then came the trucks horns blaring, the noise was deafening. I think seat belt laws were suspended for the day day as all truck cab were full of children bouncing around and waving madly. I stood and watched for 2 hrs but could hear the noise for another hour. I love just about any parade or convoy even if it's not Royal. There were trucks on trucks.

Trucks coming.
And a view of the out of control crowd in the distance watching trucks coming.

Trucks going.

A wave from a police truck.

Red trucks going.

Trucks with cranes.

My favourite? A dust control truck. Well I waved and shouted and pointed toward my house and jumped up and down hoping this truck could break the convoy and come and control the dust that has settled on my collections. I can't even see a driver in this pic. was he hiding from me under the steering wheel?
I can just make out his web add. on the truck so I will catch up with him yet.

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  1. Such a convoy looks very impressive !
    My favourite truck is a 'Peterbilt'.
    Have a nice week,

  2. I can imagine the magnetic atmosphere and the children's excitement!

  3. OMG ! that must have been very loud !! Very colorful massive cortege, lol ! (not very royal)

  4. Wow, that looks impressive. It would be great to be there and watch all those big trucks thundering through.

  5. MY.MY.MY. Those are a lot of trucks. Looks like you had a fun time over the weekend.

  6. Wow! HUGE! Is this a regular Canberra event? Looking at that blue sky, seems like you had the perfect weather for it.