Thursday, November 18, 2010

William and Kate Engagement

Congratulations and a toast to William and Kate on the announcement of their engagement. A very nice couple and you have my total approval. Now I want the souvenirs and I want to be in London for the wedding. Please announce the wedding date soon.
I had intended to have a longer blogger break, I haven't been away just catching up on other things but this Royal event is too important to stay away from my blog.
I have ordered you a new shirt Ted. we need to move on and you must now wear a Kate shirt.
New Problem; where do I find lots of $$$$ so I can go to THE wedding?
Shall I sell Charlotte and Emily, after changing their birth date and making them 10 yrs younger,on ebay? They don't eat much.
No! Charlotte reminded me it is illegal to sell cats on ebay and has threatened to report me to everyone from H.R.H to the local R.S.P.C.A if I try to sell her and she is going to keep a sharp watch on Emily!
Take ??decades of my age and sell myself.....maybe not, cat women who are also collectors and hoarders aren't in high demand.
Take in a lodger? see above re. cat women etc.
A note here, Charlotte and Emily usually eat in the dining room off bone china plates, it was their choice to eat outside and catch a cool breeze. They have not been banished outdoors.
See you at The wedding William and Kate XXX


  1. Oh I thought of you instantly when William and Kate's engagement was officially announced! I knew you would be pleased! I hope the sweet young couple have a long and happy life together.

    Perhaps you could sell photos of Charlotte and Emily to raise money to travel to the wedding. ;)

    xo Catherine

  2. Watched the news yesterday about their engagement. It feels like not too long ago that we watched William's parents wedding on TV.
    How time flies.

  3. LOL Catherine, I also thought of Sylvia when I heard about the engagement!
    Sylvia, if/when you go to the wedding, can I babysit Emily and Charlotte? You might have to air lift them down to Melbourne in first class, but I'll be waiting at the airport!

  4. Hope you'll find the money to go to the wedding !
    Ted is so cute, Charlotte and Emily too !
    Lovely wishes,

  5. How lovely if you can get to the wedding and blog from there!!

    Of course if Ted gets a William and Kate shirt Charlotte and Emily may need something too.

    And William and Kate will be married 30 years after Charles and Diana.

  6. Aren't they a beautiful couple ? I wonder what Diana would have said if she could see her.
    I think your cats should sell you on ebay and get €, maybe someone from London buys you and you can go to the wedding, lol !

  7. You are going to have a great year ahead!