Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monster Moth Mayhem And Beautiful Thoughts

This monster moth was on the side of my verandah, don't know what type he is and I know there must be bigger ones in the world but to me he looks very scary. The mayhem will start if he/she gets into the house. Picture this scene; me in bed with a good book, the lamp on my bedside table casting a glow, then a loud fluttering of wings and a large monster banging into the lamp. A loud sharp scream, me and the cats running from the room, and as I said mayhem and chaos. Meanwhile I am trying to think beautiful thoughts about.........
Gold Coaches.

And more Gold Coaches.

And another Coach, this time embroidered on a tablecloth.

And a Handsome Charming Prince. Hello William XX

And very pretty cats. Hello Charlotte and Emily. XX Well I think I feel better now, though it will soon be dark and I will have to turn lights on and we all know moths love lights, I hope this isn't some belated Halloween Horror


  1. I can send you Pookie over, she is a very good moth, flies and spider killer ! When I see a spider I look for Pookie, show her the spider and usually in no time the spider went to heaven (or hell) !
    Prince William has really become a very handsome man ! I hope Diana can see him, she would be so proud (I mean of both)

  2. That's it then, no reading in bed because you can't turn the lamp as it will encourage the moth. Very scary thing to have fluttering around your bedside. Charlotte and Emily don't look at all alarmed.

  3. Such a big moth, I should be scared too !
    Seems that Charlotte and Emily won't drive it away !
    Sweet dreams,

  4. Oh Sylvia, I find moths much worse than spiders. I hate the way they fly around and around so fast, and you just can't swat them! And when they aim for my head...I always let out a yelp and Ken comes in to see why. Being so much taller than me, he just reaches up and grabs moths in his hand (UGH) then takes them outside. I would NEVER have left that big one on the side of the house. What if it has gone in the morning? Where has it gone?? AAAAGHHH!
    Sorry. I would have swiped it with a spade or a broom, or better still, hosed it off the wall.