Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Great Love Affair

I'm ashamed to say I've neglected to mention another great love in my life and that's my little car. We've been together for eleven years and could not survive without each other. We've had lots of adventures together, visited markets, op shops and antique fairs and my little car willingly holds all my bargains no matter how large or small. Friends sometimes have to squeeze into the back seat but they manage. The back seats can fold down so even furniture can be carried home and armloads of library books and bags of cat litter are no trouble at all. Yes I'm going to wash you tomorrow my sweet little Starlet. (maybe) Today car and I visited a new market starting nearby, no bargains to be had as it was mostly craft and food and I prefer trash and treasure markets, but a perfect setting for a small market.

The poodle is not wearing a coat, It's fur has been dyed pink and purple, I'm not a fan of animals having their fur dyed but I don't know what type of dye is used and they did look cute. They were not for sale, just there helping their owner who had a pet supply stall at the market.
I have not given in yet and bought Emily a cat water fountain (they cost $80 and what if she still preferred the laundry tub) so she has to make do with the laundry tub with the tap just dripping a bit. There are three water dishes on the floor but they are not good enough.

I made the mistake here of opening a wardrobe door to look for something and Charlotte immediatley leapt to the top shelf via my back and shoulder as she does on occasion when Im silly enough to open a cupboard door when she is nearby. I had to get a ladder to get her down-and no Charlotte I don't want the christmas paper yet, still six months to Christmas.

Sorry I'm not very tall Charlotte or you might be able to make it to those very top cupboards I'm sure you have not explored yet.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prince William's Birthday

Is this the year a Royal Engagement will be announced??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Market Day

Perfect winter's day and I'm off to the local trash and treasure market. Here's Charlotte watching me get into my car and looking so sad I almost didn't go but I did promise to be home for lunch and she was o.k with that. More trash than treasure today, walking around markets counts as excercise for me so the day is never wasted

Could not go home empty handed, also if I don't buy SOMETHING I might be tempted to buy some of the homemade cakes that were for sale. I already have a crown identical to this one but two crowns are better than one and it was a bargain.
I try not to buy any more Royal china unless it is very unusual, the mug was another bargain and even cheaper than those tempting cakes. The mug is for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, made by Staffordshire Potteries and has-Presented by-The City of Stoke-on-Trent on the base, perhaps it was a gift to schools or groups at the time of the Jubilee.
Spent the afternoon sitting in the sun with Charlotte and Emily and we saw this go past.
Not the first time I've seen one, it looks like a surf board but you have to stand up to paddle along, looks like hard work to me and would be even harder if you fell off and got wet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Official Birthday Holiday

Public holiday Monday to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Her real birthday is 21st April but I will say Happy Birthday again Ma'am and show a cross stitch portrait I worked of the Queen. The chart was in a magazine and was an easy one to stitch as she is not wearing pearls or a tiara, the very things that always give me trouble when stitching.
Above, a very pretty hand embroidered coronation sampler, this one an ebay purchase.

I could choose one of these mugs to drink tea and think royal thoughts on this special day.

Perfect winter weather for a holiday and Lake Illawarra is full of fishing boats hoping for a catch.
You'll have to take my word that there were lots of boats, I could only fit two and a pelican in my camera lens, I'ts a big lake.

Some wattle trees are now coming into flower and this pic was taken yesterday in a park just around the corner from my daughter's house.
Was going to say more but 'The Queen at 80" pt1 is now on the Bio. channel-must go.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlotte Emily and Royals

Back again after a long blogger break, I blame the computer, the computer blames me. We've agreed we are having relationship problems for which we will now seek counseling. Charlotte and Emily have been very patient but are anxious to show how they have become famous in a small way.
Charlotte and Emily have been featured in a very small local newsletter, although they have yet to receive any fan mail they love seeing their picture in print.
Emily always looks a bit nervous or worried in photos and Charlotte is wearing her usual defiant"My Way or the Highway"look.
Here is Charlotte again, this time checking her profile in the mirror and looking as if she has just had a fright. Not a good idea to look on a bad hair day Charlotte!
And don't use my comb or anything else of mine without asking first.
The book that can be seen, bottom corner is by Sue Townsend titled Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Very funny book.

New addition to my Royal Collection is this silk embroidered Gold Coach made for the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977. Made by J&J Cash of Coventry. I knew Cash's were famous for their name tapes but did not know till I saw this souvenir that they also made beautiful silk embroidered pictures.

J&J Cash also made this box with embroidered panel for Charles and Diana's wedding. The wooden box was made for Cash's by crafstmen from the Tatra mountains in Poland.

I put some Charles and Diana jewellery in the box so it would not look too empty. Now I must google the Tatra mountains as I have never heard of them before. The two souvenirs came with full details of their make and make unusual additions to my collection.

Could not resist buying this jewelled spider (I think someone famous once said " I can resist everything except temptation") and that's me too. The theory I have is that all other spiders will see this one clinging to the curtain and go next door. It's been there a couple of weeks and I haven't seen a spider but it is winter so I'll wait and see what summer brings.