Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Royal Wedding Date

"Oh to be in England Now that Aprils there." Robert Browning.
The date has been announced and can now be printed on souvenirs. There will be a public holiday for the wedding and I think it will be an exciting event.
The daffodils will be out in the London parks. Below is a cross stitch I worked years ago because I love daffodils, the colours are better than shown in the pic.
I finished The Kiss and it is framed and on the wall.
And while I look for William and Kate patterns I am working on my U.F.O* of the Queen. This chart is hard going which is why it might always remain a U.F.O. The pearls and tiara will be hard stitching. I can only hope Kate wears very plain clothes and no spakley jewllery.

Charlotte and Emily are already bored with wedding talk, royals and souvenirs. Please note Charlotte sleeping in that cane bed she was so suspicious of.
*U.F.O unfinished object and I have lots of those.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love big trucks and today was the annual children's charity convoy. The convoy started with hundreds of motor bikes then then came the trucks horns blaring, the noise was deafening. I think seat belt laws were suspended for the day day as all truck cab were full of children bouncing around and waving madly. I stood and watched for 2 hrs but could hear the noise for another hour. I love just about any parade or convoy even if it's not Royal. There were trucks on trucks.

Trucks coming.
And a view of the out of control crowd in the distance watching trucks coming.

Trucks going.

A wave from a police truck.

Red trucks going.

Trucks with cranes.

My favourite? A dust control truck. Well I waved and shouted and pointed toward my house and jumped up and down hoping this truck could break the convoy and come and control the dust that has settled on my collections. I can't even see a driver in this pic. was he hiding from me under the steering wheel?
I can just make out his web add. on the truck so I will catch up with him yet.

Join Gattina at Writer's Cramps for "What Did You Do This Weekend?"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

William and Kate Engagement

Congratulations and a toast to William and Kate on the announcement of their engagement. A very nice couple and you have my total approval. Now I want the souvenirs and I want to be in London for the wedding. Please announce the wedding date soon.
I had intended to have a longer blogger break, I haven't been away just catching up on other things but this Royal event is too important to stay away from my blog.
I have ordered you a new shirt Ted. we need to move on and you must now wear a Kate shirt.
New Problem; where do I find lots of $$$$ so I can go to THE wedding?
Shall I sell Charlotte and Emily, after changing their birth date and making them 10 yrs younger,on ebay? They don't eat much.
No! Charlotte reminded me it is illegal to sell cats on ebay and has threatened to report me to everyone from H.R.H to the local R.S.P.C.A if I try to sell her and she is going to keep a sharp watch on Emily!
Take ??decades of my age and sell myself.....maybe not, cat women who are also collectors and hoarders aren't in high demand.
Take in a lodger? see above re. cat women etc.
A note here, Charlotte and Emily usually eat in the dining room off bone china plates, it was their choice to eat outside and catch a cool breeze. They have not been banished outdoors.
See you at The wedding William and Kate XXX

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blogger Break

Announcing a short blogger break....... But I will be back. Watch this space!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Fawkes Day

Today is Guy Fawkes day, a day in 1605 of gunpowder, treason and plot when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the British Parliment. I don't have much to show for G.F but this little piece of cross stitch is part of my millenium sampler.

I showed this cross stitch sampler last year but as you can imagine there are not many souvenirs around for me to show so here it is again. Bonfires and fireworks are now banned except for public displays and anyway no one here remembers or even seems to know about the date except me. Here is my pathetic lone commemoration of the day: a couple of sparklers and very pretty they were too.
Now I just need to get that awful sparkler smell out of the house.

Refreshing my memory in the pages of a book I have.

I am so pleased Charlotte shares my interest in British history, or is she trying to tell me I should have no other interests but her.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monster Moth Mayhem And Beautiful Thoughts

This monster moth was on the side of my verandah, don't know what type he is and I know there must be bigger ones in the world but to me he looks very scary. The mayhem will start if he/she gets into the house. Picture this scene; me in bed with a good book, the lamp on my bedside table casting a glow, then a loud fluttering of wings and a large monster banging into the lamp. A loud sharp scream, me and the cats running from the room, and as I said mayhem and chaos. Meanwhile I am trying to think beautiful thoughts about.........
Gold Coaches.

And more Gold Coaches.

And another Coach, this time embroidered on a tablecloth.

And a Handsome Charming Prince. Hello William XX

And very pretty cats. Hello Charlotte and Emily. XX Well I think I feel better now, though it will soon be dark and I will have to turn lights on and we all know moths love lights, I hope this isn't some belated Halloween Horror