Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Wedding Souvenirs

Before I show some souvenirs I must tell about another very good start to my flight to London.....I was upgraded to business class for the first leg of my flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, the longest leg. And what a treat that was. I had a sort of little cubicle to myself and my seat turned into a bed and I was able to sleep away the long hours. No idea why I was chosen but a big thank you to Etihad Airlines. I din't think my pic. does justice to this Lilliput Lane limited edition of Westminster Abbey. The little plaque on the side has the names and wedding date of the royal couple. The model came very well packed in a large box and was too expensive to post home so I bought a bigger bag and got it home safely.

The bigger bag then allowed me to buy this teapot. Still had to leave my coat and a pair of shoes behind-well who needs a coat in Sunny Australia?

I bought the lovely wedding cushion on my day out to Windsor Castle. I had to throw out the insert so I could fit it in my bag. It is a standard 18" size and I bought a replacement in Kmart.
This morning I'm off to a nearby large shopping centre where one of my well trained spotter friends has alerted me to some Royal dolls.
More souvenirs soon.


  1. WOW! I am so in awe. Wish I could have been there. Hope the Little Ladies are doing okay.

  2. Business class!! They must have thought you had a connection to royalty. Particularly like the teapot.

  3. You must be a kind of magician that you could put all these things in your suitcase !! even if you bought a bigger one, lol !
    Love the cathedral ! The keyring you brought me is hanging over my bed on the shelf and is admired by my friends when they come !
    They also love the kangaroo brooch and are jalous of the little pandas, (hehe)

  4. What a treat to be upgraded to business class. It sounds very luxurious, a great way to start your journey.

    And wasn't that lucky you had to buy a bigger suitcase? :)
    More room for more Royal souvenirs. They all look very good.

  5. How lovely to have enough room to be able to snooze on your plane ride! And look at all your lovely treasures ~ that must have been one big bag you had!! ;)

    Hope you had fun shopping!
    xo Catherine

  6. Aww, you found really lovely things in London.
    I´m glad you´re back home with so much wonderful impressions.

  7. The way you write about your coat and shoes tells me you must be very pleased with those lovely souvenirs, Sylvia, enjoy them !